A divorce can get complicated quickly. Once a couple decides to part ways, there are many decisions to be made. Unfortunately, emotions can sometimes get in the way of making sound decisions during a divorce. And, if there are children involved, it gets even more complex. Not only will you be protecting your own interests, but you’ll be looking out for your children’s as well.

If you have children and are about to go through a divorce, you really need the best child custody lawyer Atlanta GA has to offer that will be looking out for your best interests. At Naggiar & Sarif, the law firm is focused entirely on family and divorce law. They have the talent, knowledge, and experience to make sure that both your children and your assets are protected. Choosing the right custody lawyer who will best represent you and your children throughout the entire divorce process may seem a little daunting. As you are carefully evaluating your divorce process, here are five things to look for to find a divorce attorney that will best represent your interests.


There are so many nuances involved when dealing with laws pertaining to divorces, custody rights, child support, and the division of assets. You need an attorney that’s not only knowledgeable with the laws but who also knows how those laws are interpreted in your area. It’s always a good idea to do some research on any potential attorneys and ask plenty of questions.
Check out their reputation with your state’s Bar Association. If there are any past issues or disputes involving their practice, there will be records that you can view.
Look at their website. Check out their credentials and read their clients’ testimonials.
Don’t be afraid to ask them for references from their past clients that you can speak with.
Ask them specific questions. Who gets the family home? How are the assets fairly distributed? How is child support calculated? A competent attorney familiar with how the court system works in your area should be able to easily answer any of your questions.
Check out online reviews. There are plenty of websites that track and post reviews about attorneys, both positive and negative.
Communication Skills are Important

In many ways, both your financial and personal future are in the hands of your divorce attorney. Of course, you won’t be the only case that your attorney is handling, but you want to make sure that they have the people and the resources to adequately take care of all of your needs. Clear, open communication is vital throughout the divorce proceedings.
Who else will you be working with throughout the divorce? There will likely be different assistants and paralegals handling some aspects. If so, is your potential attorney letting you know who they are and offering an introduction? Your divorce attorney should make this information readily available while they are representing their firm at your initial consultation.
How well is the attorney communicating with you? Is it all legal language, possibly to impress you, or are you able to fully understand everything that they are saying? This is very important to you and will be throughout all of the proceedings.
If there is any type of emergency, who do you contact after hours? If you have an early morning court appearance scheduled and something vital happens the night before, there should be some means of communication available to you in order to properly prepare your attorney. During regular business hours, how long will it take to respond to any of your questions or issues? You’ll need as much peace of mind as possible dealing with a divorce. Your attorney should be especially responsive to your needs.
How confident do you feel with the attorney’s ability to walk you through the divorce process? It all goes back to communication. You have to be able to understand each other.
No Hidden Fees

Most people have a budget. This always needs to be a consideration when choosing the right divorce attorney for you. You’ll find that most reputable divorce attorneys who fully understand how the divorce laws are handled in Atlanta courtrooms typically charge comparable rates.

Hourly rates and any other fees should be freely disclosed during the initial consultation. There shouldn’t be any hidden fees that arise later. They should also be very clear on how much the retainer agreement fee is and how the billing is handled.

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