As a medium I talk to a lot of people going through all sorts of personal challenges.

When you are considering consulting a medium or psychic it is good to know what sort of information you are needing. I came up with a few tips to help you connect to an ethical spirit guided reader.

Here they are:

Tip #1 - Ask some of your friends, if possible, for a referral to someone that they like and feel good about.

Tip #2 - Know what your goal is and look for professionals in that line. If you desire a connection to a loved one on the other side look for mediums. If you are going through a challenge consider a psychic or tarot reader. If you want to have a past life regression look for a hypnotist that can do that.

Tip #3 - If they have a 1-800 number or are  part of a celebrity hot line I would pass. They will tell you any thing to keep you on the line.

Tip #4 - Ask your guides and angels to help you find someone that is a good fit for you. Meditate on your true desire, then allow the Universe to connect you to the right person. Know why you are doing this. Do you really want to make a change? Sometimes we may hear some things that are hard to hear, but necessary, if we are really going to make a shift in consciousness.

Tip #5 - Tell your reader your goal for the session and let them direct you. Don't feed them too much. Keep your heart open. When our heart is open so is our mind. The Universe can make magic happen when we are in that state.

We all have our own inner guidance system that we can access through meditation. When you don't know what else to do, meditate and pray. That can be just enough to get you through your crisis or disconnect from Spirit. When we get re-connected to Spirit, we can get a game plan going.

I hope you enjoyed this mini article! If you did, please share with your friends.

Bright Blessings


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Author's Bio: 

MarVeena Meek had a near death experience that altered the course of her life. As a result of the injuries she began having visions and conversations with people no longer living. This got her started on a life long pursuit of spiritual understanding and awakening. Now she gives special mediumship readings and teaches self mastery programs through out the US.