The excitement is out of control now as the melodious sound of Christmas bells are getting clear now. The Church on the roadside is shining with lights and joy of the ‘coming soon’ festival. Workplaces, colleges, schools, public places, malls, amusement parks, everywhere you can see the zeal. A zeal to welcome Christmas, a zeal to spend a good time with the Santa. Happiness to meet the family and friends and party until late night and not to sleep until morning is on its height. Grand dinner, gifts, decoration, shopping, all are enough to leave you with a happy exhaustion.

A list of ‘To Do’ things is in your hands and is waiting to reach to its completion. But for that a sensible management of money is necessary. You need to use the money wisely and make maximum use of the available resources. Whatever is the plan, the final goal is, nothing should become heavy on your pocket.

To help you celebrate a good festival without losing many precious pennies, below are some tips. Have a look and see if there is any possibility for their implementation.

1. Make a budget for expected expenses
Budgeting is a very helpful thing in the financial management. The habit to write down all the expenses gives a clear picture of where you need to focus your efforts. This gives you idea about how to work is there is any scarcity of funds. Make a list of expenses and also mention the amount you have fixed for the Christmas celebration. Calculate and see is any expense is left to deal with. Remember to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

2. Look for the discounted deals
Festivals are best known for the discounted deals when it comes to shopping. Make sure that whatever you buy is reasonable in rates and best thing is to find deals with free additional products. Lot of money can be saved if you pay a proper attention on the festive offers around you. Special schemes, exchange offers are in abundance during festive season.

3. Borrow funds only if necessary
Sometimes your plans demand a certain amount of money investment. If you fail to arrange the funds, the desire to take a loan is natural, but never forget to be rational while taking decision. It is important to know that do you actually need the loan or not. The lenders have many festive and discounted offers on personal loans for Christmas; you can choose one of them. Do not forget to check your repayment capacity.

4. Work on ‘Do it Yourself’ approach for decoration and gifts.
It is not necessary to spend lot of money on decoration and gifts. You can do that in your home. Christmas food gift, a warm woollen muffler for someone special can ring hearts closer than an expensive gift. Follow the same thing for the decoration. Use the old stuff in the home, however, in case you find necessary then buy things. The market is full of cheap and inexpensive decorative stuff.

5. Start shopping early
During festive season, few things may become expensive. Start shopping early, there are better deals to exploit. Few things like Christmas tree become expensive during festive season, buy it 10 to 15 days before the Christmas.

Whether it is about festivals or routine life, money management always helps. The above tips can help celebrate a great festival but not on the cost of your financial stability.

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