Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed while juggling business, family and personal wellbeing? Creating work life balance is the art of managing your tasks and resources to create the kind of lifestyle you desire, resulting in greater work satisfaction, loving relationships and increased health and vitality.
Here are five simple and effective ways to improve your work life balance.
Clearly define your values and what is important. Don’t waste time and energy on tasks and events that aren’t aligned with your priorities. This results in feeling fulfilled and content because you are acting in congruence with what you consider vital.
Set Goals
Once you know where to spend your time and energy it’s important to write daily weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Without goals we are a ship without a course swept by the wind and tide. Statistically goals are more likely to be achieved if written down, with an action plan and shared with a friend..
Manage Time
Realistically plan how you will spend your time. Many people often struggle with time management because they over commit or don’t plan their day. This can lead to inefficiency, stress and overwhelm which then affects health and relationships.
Self Care
Put yourself first. Not caring for ourselves often leads to feelings of resentment, health issues and burnout. Looking after your physical and emotional wellbeing is essential to working effectively, being emotionally present with family and feeling good about yourself and your life.
Set Boundaries
Set guidelines for yourself and people around you as to what will be accepted and what won’t. When working from home or with others it can be a challenge to avoid unnecessary interruptions and distractions. Enforcing guidelines may require respectfully saying “No. I am not available right now can we make another time?”
Manage Beliefs
Become aware of your beliefs. Beliefs are only a thought that you have taken on to be true to some degree. They can be changed. You may have beliefs like: I don’t deserve time out. The harder I work the more I earn. I have to work hard to be a worthy person. Life wasn’t meant to be easy. These beliefs limit your ability to create personal satisfaction and the lifestyle you desire.
Practice these tips and experience the feelings of peace, pleasure and purpose.
Improve your work life balance because you are worth it!

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Allison Bright from Bright Life Coach specializes in overeating, addiction, and career/life direction issues. She enlightens and empowers her clients towards valuable insights and practical answers to their everyday challenges.
Through values and goal setting exercises, belief management and simple strategies, clients gain personal awareness and change negative patterns, often achieving instant results. Her coaching, hypnosis and NLP techniques provide an easy and enjoyable process to a healthy and harmonious life.
Allison’s 18 years in personal development, along with her coaching and educational experience, has created a unique effective approach. She has an objective point of view and firmness which helps clients to follow through with the new plan of action.
Allison provides a professional and confidential service with ongoing support through the transformation process. Allison conducts personal development workshops on the Sunshine Coast. For more work life balance tips and solutions go to