My premises for writing this article are that a)our work is our path, b) our work is who we are and what we bring into this world, and c)our work is such to be of service no matter what the specific form of occupation we are in. Ultimately we shall be known by our fruits and contributions!

The Emerging Business Leader displays the following five characteristics:

1) Responds to Challenge:
Only challenges help you get out of your comfort zone and excel. Staying in what is familiar and standard does not grow your business or you as a person, let alone your entrepreneurial profile. Yes, there is something to be said about those peaceful times that everything is moving along and there is no struggle, and day in day out all is “balanced”. It is our nature and that of the world around us to change; change is inevitable and challenge comes along to help us move to greater levels of creativity, ingenuity and purpose.

For example; you are in the service industry, your clientele over the last few months has dropped and your income hurts. This is a challenge; will you keep doing the same thing and expect something different to happen or will you change your marketing material to make it more upbeat, use social media, network with other partners in complimentary industries to offer more to your existing customers, and why not, find new customers?

2) Inspires:
Your purpose through your field of work is ultimately to inspire others; whether you are in corporate business, law enforcement, the healing arts or entertainment, your purpose is to inspire others, to offer them ways to improve their lives, whether through buying a new home, taking care of their health, improving their financial outlook, become more creative in what they do, etc.

For example; you are a human resources specialist participating in an annual review. The employee has done considerable contributions this past year and she is highly creative. As you discuss the coming year’s objectives, you mention of a new method of customer dispute resolution that you would like to incorporate, and that she could be the best fit. You propose that the company will sponsor her education and in that way you not only inspire this employee to become more of who she is and what she can contribute, but you also invest in the company’s future and improved service.

3) Educates:
Education is the cornerstone of a successful business. Through any kind of product or service you provide, you ultimately want to educate on the benefits for the customer or end user. This trait will set you apart from the competition because people want to be treated with respect, acknowledged for what they know and given the tools to choose for themselves.

For example; if you are an insurance agent you want to educate on the benefits of the different plans you are offering, so that your customers can make informed decisions; if you are a chiropractor you want to educate the patient why they need to get an adjustment and what it would do for their health.

4) Enlightens:
The way I describe this is that you want to bring forth through your service or product an added value. Depending on your line of work, this value may have different levels.

For example; you are a public speaker, educating on the “5 Steps to make your resume stand out”. Your added value to this talk will be to give specific exercises to the attendees that not only help them clarify what it is they need to emphasize in their resume, but also help them see how they can bring forth their strengths in a such a way that is aligned with their life’s purpose.

5) Encourages:
We all thrive when we are supported in what we do, when we have someone cheer leading our successes and encouraging us to move forward in what brings us joy and fulfillment. Through your service or product you want to encourage customers to take action in what it is they need, guiding them in the next step they are to make. It is also about listening to what their need is and not imposing yours.

For example; you are a business coach working with a client that has recently been laid off. There is some psychological charge around that, self-esteem issues, financial considerations, etc. Your purpose is not only to help them figure out in a way what to do next but also to encourage them to go forth with what is essential and what brings them fulfillment. Possibly you will also encourage them to look into their lifestyle because the stress is taking a toll on them. The encouragement comes as a total body-mind approach.

To summarize: The way we do business is changing, the way we work with others is changing, new ways of co-operation are called forth and this applies to all forms of business and to all sectors. We are called to be leaders in our own way with responsibility, presence, and appreciation for self and others. It is our task to work with challenges, to add value in what we offer, to inspire and encourage others towards greater health and happiness, to invoke the light within people’s hearts that will help them be more of who they are.

Author's Bio: 

Lilian Mavridara M.A. comes from a rich cultural, professional and educational background which she synthesizes to address Holistic Health, Personal Development and Conscious Entrepreneurship. You can read more at