Women realize that the impressions that people have of us, and the judgments they make about us, are based on our appearance - indeed, our appearance often is a determining factor when someone's deciding to get to know us better. Most men are not nearly as attentive to their looks as are women. It's not uncommon to see men wearing clothing that looks comfortable but deplorable.

If your "image" is the basis of people's impression of you, it's obvious that it comprises more than just the outward appearance, but also include the internal character. This internal character, in fact, is more critical than physical appearance when people are formulating their opinion of you. You want women to conclude that you'll be a good companion, a good provider and a good lover, and they'll certainly consider your character more highly than your looks in that assessment.

If your girlfriend left you, it may have something to do with your image. Let's see what changes you can make that would help you get her back:

First, forge a vision of the world and your place in it:

Women don't want to get into relationships with men who are dreamers, they want men of substance, men who have plans for fitting into the community and for getting ahead at work. If your outlook on life is simply taking each day as it comes, you might not be able to provide a woman with a feeling of security. A man without a plan is also a man without a woman. Part of the image you need to win back your girlfriend, then, is to develop and follow a plan. Acknowledge any failures you may have had in this area and then start following your new plan.

Talk is cheap - get beyond lip service:

You wouldn't buy a book and then tell people you knew all about it before reading it - likewise, developing a plan is only the first step in developing the image necessary to winning your girlfriend back. If you're not following your plan, if you're not accomplishing anything, what have you really got to offer your girlfriend? You have to be on your own, working for the money to pay your bills and save for emergencies and special occasions.

Next, work out:

A man who lets himself get out of shape is perceived as not caring much about himself. How, then, will he care for a girlfriend? You don't need to spend money to get fit - just dedicate more time to engaging in physical activity. Even walking up the stairs will help! The result is that you'll be fitter, healthier, and more appealing to her!

Fourth, enhance your physical appearance:

It's absolutely critical that you examine your appearance closely and determine what people's impressions are when they first look at you. It's not hard for men to learn how to dress - there are innumerable web resources providing instruction in how to match different articles of clothing to present a pleasing appearance. You should also make a point of paying attention daily to your personal grooming.

Fifth - have fun that she can share in:

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." If that old saying accurately describes your life, you should wonder how much fun your girlfriend can have if you're never there for her, or if she has to endure a hobby or sport she really doesn't enjoy if she wants to spend time with you. What you do together isn't nearly as important as simply being together, but if she's bored or unhappy because your time together is always spent pursuing your interests, how long will she endure it? Find out what sort of things she'd like to do, and change your routine so that more of your time together is focused on her interests.

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Steve Steiner enjoys helping men deal with the conflicts and challenges they experience in relating with women and helping them form successful relationships.

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