"Flow" is definitely a key word in feng shui. When anything is stopped up, stagnation sets in and things come to a standstill. The blood and air in our bodies need to circulate for vital health, creativity, and sales need to move for increased wealth. Words and emotions also need to flow for loving relationships. So, is your life flowing? Where might you need to call in your "inner plumber" to unblock certain areas of your life? What rooms, closets and cabinets are calling your name? It's time to get honest and clear space in the areas of your life that are working and the ones that aren't. Notice where clutter is accumulating and how it is affecting your state of mind. Are you feeling peaceful in your space? Can you quiet your mind so that serenity can greet you? How and where can you open the feng shui "faucet" to the flow of soothing energy?

Here are five practical tips for creating a harmonious home that have meaning, sweetness and tranquility.

• Clear all clutter. Be especially aware of clutter by the front entrance, crammed behind doors, piled on the floors, stacked in hallways and stuffed under your bed. When the home is clean and clear, your mental, emotional and physical health will soar.
• Keep only those objects that bring you joy and positive memories. Do not display items from negative people or those who have caused pain in your life. Your ultimate feng shui goal is to love everything in your home and office.

• Bring the healing energy of nature indoors. Live plants (with rounded leaves) add harmony and warmth to the environment. Indoor water fountains add tranquility and soothing sounds. Open the windows to allow natural sunlight and fresh air inside. Display artwork depicting natural land and seascapes.

• Design soft mood lighting that nourishes your body and soul. Install dimmer controls to match the serene mood you wish to create. Use lighting fixtures that bounce light upward towards the ceiling to lift your spirits. Candles add a golden and magical glow to any occasion. They make the space feel alive and offer warmth.

• Create a tranquil altar that inspires quiet contemplation, prayer and serenity. Set it up in a special place where you can see it every day. It could be on a windowsill, table, counter top or have its own stand. You can place aromatic candles, a gratitude journal or quote, sacred objects like a Buddha or other spiritual anchors, fresh flowers and any books that encourage peace.

Author's Bio: 

For feng shui consultant Jayme Barrett, author of the best-selling book Feng Shui Your Life, creating an inspiring space can enrich your life with energy, harmony and prosperity. Jayme Barrett is a leading authority on Inspired Living and Feng Shui, specializing in techniques for personal fulfillment, prosperity and integrated health.

In addition to improving clients' home and work spaces, Jayme leads workshops worldwide and has appeared in home-design segments for “The Today Show,” NBC, HGTV, Style Network, and E! Entertainment. Her work and writing has been featured in national newspapers and magazines, including Self Magazine, Health, ELLE, Body + Soul, Woman's World, First for Women, Parents, Healing Lifestyles and Spas, Redbook, Delicious Living, Yogi Times, and Healthy Living Magazine.

Jayme lives in Los Angeles and is available for residential and commercial feng shui consultations. For more information on books, personal consultations or to sign up for her free newsletter, visit www.jaymebarrett.com.