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Let’s face it: For most of us our finances are a constant point of worry. The recent economic downturn, which some like to view as the biggest financial crisis since the depression has proven to many of us that these worries are totally justified. Many fail to see the real underlying causes of our present economic demise.

The reasons for your financial problems are manifold and are very different from what you have been told by the mainstream media or learned from your parents. The first and foremost point to remember is this: Your financial demise has nothing to do with your skills or talents, or the economy but is the result of the ways in which we have been conditioned to think about money.

We worry when we miss out on that promotion, the great property deal, or can’t afford that dream holiday. Perhaps you want to send your kids to a better school but simply have not got the necessary cash? Maybe you want a faster car, a better job, get rid of your overdraft and have money in the bank? These are all reasonable desires and you should be able to fulfil them with ease.

So, why is that not happening for most of us?

The reason is simply to do with incorrect thinking.

Incorrect thinking, which is by and large negative and limiting, lowers your personal energy levels. Low energy levels make you less likely to be enthusiastic, adopt new ideas and cope with environment stresses.

Lack of awareness and the total lack of proper education about the true nature of money are also a major stumbling block to creating the riches you deserve.

In other words:

Our finances are the way they are not because we have consciously chosen them to be that way, but because we do not know any better.

Most of us follow the old paradigm which consists of getting a reasonable education in the hope of getting a reasonable job. The overwhelming majority of you believe that this formula should give you a reasonably comfortable living and retirement too. This is after all, what you have been told.

These assumptions are fundamentally wrong. It is becoming more and more apparent that the old system is not working any more. Even for those of you who are hanging on to the old paradigm there is a sense of unease as you see that something is not right. The system appears to be falling apart with an unprecedented speed of knots. Change is a scary thing for most of us. Alas the speed at which life is changing at present is unprecedented in history. This is, at least, how it feels.

Let me say again: The sooner you can unlearn your old beliefs about making money the better. So, start becoming comfortable with the idea that making money has nothing to do with education, but everything to do with attitude. Attitude stems from two factors: Your internal dialogue and your immediate environment. Environmental factors affect your THINKING and therefore you should take a serious look at your environment before you look inside. Making sure the energies in your environment flow freely raises your vibrational frequency and makes your personal development work a lot easier.

A brief word regarding your surroundings

The energy of your surroundings and your well being are linked: If you are experiencing regular set backs in your life, the energies in your home or workspace may be part of your problem. Our surroundings have energy meridians, just like human beings. When this energy matrix is out of balance geopathic stress can affect your emotional and physical health.

The wide spread use of electronic equipment causes electro pollution and can also affect your health. Geopathic stress energies and electro magnetic field radiation interfere with the normal frequency of your brain, causing symptoms of stress, depression, tiredness, insomnia and weakened immune function. If you are exposed to these energies over long periods of time, you will find everything hard work. You will find it difficult to concentrate and focus your attention. Your immune system is working overtime, therefore you are permanently pushed to your limits without a break. Imagine running a car at top speed all the time. The effect of geopathic stress and EMF energies on your body is similar. You lose energy faster and it is more difficult to achieve your goals. It goes without saying that geopathic stress and electro magnetic field radiation can affect your ability to create prosperity.

In my work I have seen so often how these energies wreak havoc with relationships, finances and health. People do not take heed until it is almost too late. Alas, this need not be the case, because you can do things to neutralise these energies. This often the cheapest cause of action in the longer term.

As you probably are beginning to see, it makes sense to ensure that you live and work in an environment that is clear from geopathic stress and electro magnetic radiation.

If you are using a computer for more than an hour per day and use a mobile phone for more than three minutes per day you are exposing your self to dangerous levels of EMF, electro magnetic radiation and should neutralise it to protect your mental and physical well being.

Both geopathic stress and EMF impact on your ability to growth and make changes in your life for the better. The added strain on your body and mind lead to overwhelm which you experience as anxiety and stress. This effect is magnified when you feel that outside pressures, like economic challenges, as many are presently experiencing, are adding to your already stressed body and mind.

When you successfully neutralise these harmful energies you clear your path to accelerated personal growth and inner calm. Your mind has one less obstacle to overcome and fight against.

You can find more information on geopathic stress and EMF and how to neutralise it on my website here:

You should have all the money you desire

It is an inescapable truism that the state of our finances reflects our lives in general. It follows therefore that our finances dictate our happiness to a large extent. Self help books go to great lengths to convince us that we should be happy irrespective of our financial situation. This is all well and good, however in this world money is an essential ingredient that is necessary to get you most of the things you want. Money is the stuff that ultimately adds to the quality of your life.

Okay, money may not solve your relationship problems, or buy you happiness. Money certainly is not the holy grail that answers all of life’s challenges. If you are only driven by the need for money you will find that you are not going to make headway, if the other areas of your life are lacking and out of balance.

One thing is certain though: The lack of money can intensify emotional pain and push you to braking point. If you are experiencing persistent money problems, you are probably also experiencing problems in other areas of your life. If you can successfully clear the financial problem area in your life, you may find that other areas start improving too, because everything is inter- connected. Nothing ever happens in isolation. This is a fact and a fundamental universal law of our existence.

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Mercedes Oestermann van Essen teaches self awareness techniques in workshops and retreats in Northamptonshire. She has helped many people all over the world with her unique insights into the nature of manifestation and personal growth.

Mercedes started her own public relations business at the age of 24, working mainly with small businesses. She is now a personal development coach, advanced EFT practitioner and REIKI master. She has studied NLP, HUNA and Zen Buddhism in depth. Her unique approach offers a modern interpretation of the wisdom traditions. She combines these teachings with practical techniques to create lasting success and well being through integrating environment, body and mind.

Mercedes book Five Minutes To Financial Freedom is her contribution to make her easy to learn techniques available to everyone who wants to have a better life.