I consider LinkedIn to be one of the “big four” of social media (the others are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). But after I read a few recent articles about LinkedIn, I realized I was not using my profile in a very business-savvy way. Here are 3 ways to update your LinkedIn profile that will increase your visibility and help build recognition for your expertise.

1. Change what you have in the fields for first and last name. Instead of using Sue Painter, for example, I kept my first name (Sue) but changed the last name field to read Painter, Owner, The Confident Marketer. This puts your business name front and center and leaves you the next field free for key terms about who you are and what you do.

2. Change the next field (the headline). Most people put the name of their business in this field. But your business name often doesn’t tell people exactly what you do or what you are expert in. And, you now already have your business name above, in the “last name” field. Since LinkedIn is keyword searchable (and is indexed by Google) this is a great place to use your keywords. For example, I used the terms SoloPreneur Marketing Stategist, Mindset Shift Expert, Neuromarketing, Coach, Speaker, Internet Marketing Expert. So now, right at the top of my profile I have much more information about myself and what I do than just my name and my business’s name. Here is the before and after of the very top of my profile.

Before: Sue Painter
Owner, The Confident Marketer
After: Sue (Hawkins) Painter, Owner, The Confident Marketer
SoloPreneur Marketing Stategist, Mindset Shift Expert, Neuromarketing,
Coach, Speaker, Internet Marketing Expert

Can you see how much more information that offers someone viewing my profile? And, the keyword terms are searchable within LinkedIn, so if someone is looking for a mindshift expert for solo business owners, I’ll be found more easily.

3. As you build your profile, weave the keyword terms you have used into “Summary” field. It’s your chance to give a fuller explanation of what you do and how you work. Be sure to use your keyword terms again at the very bottom of the Summary field, where LinkedIn asks for “Specialties.”

4. If you are a blogger (and as a solo professional, you should be!) click on the “More” tab at the top of the Linked In page, above your profile, and then click on “Applications.” You’ll see several applications there, the important one links your blog poastings to to LinkEd automatically. You can also add Twitter accounts if you wish.

5. Be sure to hit LinkedIn a few times a week to see what’s new with your connections and to provide an update about what you are up to, as well. Share information about upcoming products, events, and offers.

Personalizing your LinkedIn page will lead those you don’t know toward the “know/like/trust factor, which is very important to building your business.

Author's Bio: 

Sue Painter is a business coach for solo professionals who want to take their business to six figures and more. Known widely as a marketing therapist, she can quickly see the places you are stuck and help you dig out of the mud. You can subscribe to her e-zine at http://www.confidentmarketer.com and see her business tips videos on YouTube's confidentmarketer channel.