When the revolution of building up a website for every single occasion started up the era of flash based websites also flourished. Flash based websites were a huge craze at that time. Every single software development company was providing custom web development services, which included the development of a flash based website. The craze of flash based websites is still not gone as Macromedia is still incorporating more and more features into flash. This is also a rage among the web solutions experts providing custom web development services. It has been noted worldwide that flash sites are bloated and unnecessary. The issue of concern is where to draw the line while building a website using flash.

The interactivity of a flashed based website is always above excellence. Flash’s action scripts are known to make pages lively enough to keep the visitors coming back on your website again and again. Many custom web development services providers include flash based games on certain websites, which also keep the visitors hooked to your website. Every software development company believes that a website built on flash never comes across compatibility issues. Web solutions experts from a team of custom web development often find themselves in a fix when a CSS appears different in all the browsers. This is not the case with flash based websites. They do not have a cross browser compatibility issue that is all the elements of a flash based website appear as it is on every browser given the fact that the user is having the flash installed.

Flash is best used for incorporating animations on your website to attract the customer and convey the message. Since flash, files are vector based so it is a very convenient option as the file size is not very large as compared to the real movie files which are raster files and hence are very large sized. Every software development company providing you with web solutions and custom web development services try to use flash animations to reduce the loading time of the website. Fully optimized flash based websites are known to work very smoothly.

Since everything has its positive and negative site so does flash based websites. Many times web solutions and custom web development teams provided by a software development company avoid using the flash based methods on a website. According to them, there are certain factors and disadvantages of flash, which do not make it an essential option. A software development company providing you custom web development and web solutions will always advise you that using flash in your website requires the user to download and install flash in order to view your websites. It can reduce the number of users as many of them will not be willing to download and install the piece of software.

If almost all the content on your website is based on flash then no search engine would be able to index you and hence there will be less traffic on your website. A Web solutions team is always responsible for optimizing your site to reduce the loading time but with flash, the loading time increases considerably and may become a negative aspect for your website, which might even lower your traffic. Thus, a custom web development team will always try and use a mix of HTML and flash content only if necessary to reduce some of the loading time.

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