It's been a while since I've shared a Top Posts article.

With the first quarter of the year about to end in a week, the timing seems perfect.

Here we go. Since today is Friday, and this post is sharing my top social media articles, I call this post, "Flashback Friday: So Social."

1. This post shares how to get a free Instagram unfollow app. Since you can't use tools to mass unfollow, in the summer of 2019, Instagrammers found this helpful:

2. I thought my readers would find a post explaining how to buy Discord members sleazy, but they didn't. Today, it is in my top 52 of best performing posts:

3. My Top Tweets is a recent publication. The post explains how you can see your top tweets on Twitter and replicate your success with Twitter marketing:

4. My post explaining the difference between tagging, hashtagging, and how to tag on social media only recently become one of my best performing posts although it was published two years ago:

5. My article sharing posts that boost people's self-esteem has struggled to be one of my best performers. Perhaps sharing it was SelfGrowth readers will give it the push it needs:

6. People seemed surprised you could conduct a TikTok MP3 download ethically and for free. Here's how:

7. My posts explaining free downloader methods perform okay at Google. Here's an article explaining how to download images and videos from Pinterest for free:

8. 19,000 people each month search for cursed text generator methods. My post ranks on the bottom of Page 1 in Position 9:

9. Although this post has Instasize video in the title, there are actually more than 8 video editing tools reviewed:

10. People post videos on social media. Do you need an editor? Here are 10:

11. I love both Reddit and Quora. Check out which one I think is better:

12. Do you need tools to make Instagram posts? Here are 17 free tools:

Wrapping Up
I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane for today's version of Flashback Friday: So Social.

Consider using these tools and methods to boost your social media success.

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