If you have a lot of clothes and fashion accessories to shoot, you should know the flat garment editing is an integral part of a shoot. Flat garment editing and photography with a LED ClothingPad saves time as well as money with every product shot you take. The process does not involve stylizing mannequins. The method of flat garments editing ensures accurate colour and consistent results. The Flat garment editing comes with photography software that controls a compatible camera, the lights and the entire photography process. Because of this, it saves even more time by shooting products on pure white or transparent backgrounds and automating image processing and saving. Finally, it not only makes flat garment editing on pure white fast and easy; it also works for side shots of fashion accessories.

Flat Garment Editing is where art meets analytics. And, when fashion and business intersect, it’s important to remember they are complementary forces. You don’t have to sacrifice style to spreadsheets, nor must you ignore data during a photo shoot.

Flat Garment Editing boils down to two main components: product photography and styling. The result will be beautiful product images that will showcase your product and increase sales.

If you want garment images that are both beautiful and effective at generating sales, you should follow these seven best practices for flat Garment Editing: Prepare the Garment

You want your garment to look their best so you can showcase them to customers. Unfortunately, clothing can become wrinkled, creased and even begin to look worn sometimes. Moreover, clothing samples can be received in old, tattered or even rough conditions.

Flat garments to be photographed is a crucial starting point for photographing apparel, and yet many apparel photographers skip this step and prefer to rely on flat garment editing to fix wrinkles, stains and other mistakes accrued while storing or transporting the product. However, flat garment editing isn’t magic — it takes time and expertise to master advanced editing techniques, and all edits that you make are “destructive” to the image, compromising image quality. Flat garment editing is a great tool to add final touches and colour correction to your images, but don’t let it become a crutch.

It’s essential to thoroughly analyse your product from top to bottom, inside and out. Are there any tags or stickers that need to be removed? Has the product become wrinkled or creased during storage? Use the resources that are available to you to fix other damages and distractions that you might come across. Lint rollers and tape are high for removing dust and strings from fabrics.

In some cases, samples are wrong upon arrival due to last-minute design changes (e.g. fit, colours, patterns, etc.). Make sure that you understand design changes for each garment so that you can edit the sample accordingly in flat garment editing or make the decision to wait to photograph the actual sample that will be sold.

Use the Correct Camera Settings

For a perfect flat garment editing an ideal picture is needed and for that, it is important that your camera setting is correct. If your camera settings are wrong, then no amount of flat garment editing expertise will be able to make your images look professional. One can use DSLR cameras as they can produce photographs of exceptionally high quality, but incorrect settings can be detrimental.

Flat Garment Editing Table

Consisting of a 74.8” x 48.8” LED light table with professional surround lighting and photography system control software. The Ortery ClothingPad works in conjunction with a compatible camera (Canon or Nikon) to simplify and automate picture taking, editing and saving, and batch image processing. Place an object on the table then use the software to compose, edit, take and save your pictures.
Enjoy specific features that make taking pictures of the front and back of clothing fast and consistent.

  • 74.8” x 48.8” Apparel Photography Table and Lights
  • Photography Software Streamlines Entire Photography Process
  • Automated Image Capture, Editing, Processing and Saving
  • Full Camera / Lighting Control with Real-Time Preview
  • Quickly Capture Images on Pure White or Transparent Backgrounds
  • Output JPG, RAW, PNG, TIFF and TIFF Alpha
  • Compatible w/ most Canon and Nikon DSLR Cameras
  • Free Training and Technical Support

There are various ways to tweak colours, so get to know flat garment editing offerings and choose your favourite tool. Remember, after you have fixed the colours in the process of flat garment editing, convert your images into SRGB format to make sure that different browsers, computer screens and websites won’t change the accurate colours that you worked so hard to create for your customers.

Flat Garment Editing, Manchester provides excellent services for the editing of pictures so that to attract the customer and increase sales. We already set a higher standard of quality in flat garment editing. Flat garment editing, is a one-stop solution for all your editing problems.

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