Flax seeds are most often included in the diets for healthy living. It is the most demanding product in the US and other parts of the world. An excellent source of omega 3 fatty acid, antioxidants, fibers etc. Flaxseeds are sometimes called linseeds.

What makes flaxseed powerful: the content in it

  • Flax seed oil
  • saturated fatty acids (palmitic and stearic)
  • monounsaturated fatty acids (mainly oleic acid)
  • alpha-linolenic fatty acids acid
  • protein content
  • dietary fibre
  • lignans
  • PUFA omega-3 family
  • Vitamins
  • electrolytes
  • Minerals
  • Other constituents

Why flax seed is in great demand:

Rich in omega- 3 fatty acid
Omega-3 fatty acid is high in fish like salmon fish. But think, if you are a vegetarian! How would you get that omega -3 fatty acids?
And do you know? Heart problems are common in this growing population. About 17.7 million people die each year from cardiovascular diseases .An estimated 31% of all deaths worldwide. More than 75% of cardiovascular deaths occur in low-income and middle-income countries. Heart attacks and strokes are the reasons of about 80% of all CVD deaths.
But all the vegetarian and non -vegetarian. You don’t have to worry about omega 3 fatty acid. As flax seed is rich in omega 3 fatty acid it can be the best alternative. It also helps to maintain heart health. Based on the results of clinical trials, ALA has been suggested to have a good impact on cardiovascular diseases. Coronary artery diseases can also be treated with flax seed.
Some studies have shown that the ALA in flaxseeds prevented cholesterol from being deposited in the blood vessels of the heart, alleviated hypertension, improved platelet function, enhanced healthy endothelial cell function, protected arterial function, reduced heart arrhythmias, alleviated inflammation in the arteries and reduced tumor growth.
Rich in fiber
Fibers are very important for our body. May it be soluble or insoluble, every fiber is essential for digestive, blood sugar and metabolic health regulation of the body. Flax seed contains dietary fiber of two types soluble i.e. (20–40%) and insoluble i.e. (60–80%).
Insoluble fiber binds more water to the stools, increases their bulk and results in softer stools while soluble fiber enhances the consistency of the content of the intestine and delays digestion process. Constipation can be prevented by using insoluble fibers while soluble fiber helps alleviate cholesterol level.

Helpful for diabetic patients
Flax seed reduces the absorption of sugars into the blood stream, regulating blood sugar and the associated insulin-response. Hence, flax seeds are very helpful for the patients having type 2 diabetes. It also supports colon detoxification, may help with fat reduction. Flaxseeds can be beneficial for people with diabetes.

Cholesterol alleviator
Flax seed ‘s soluble fiber helps traps cholesterol and fat in the digestive system. So, it remains unabsorbed. The bile which is made from cholesterol in the gall bladder gets trapped using flax seeds. Then through the digestive system, excretion of the bile takes place. This forces the body to use up more cholesterol in the blood and thus bad cholesterol is alleviated in the body.
Some studies show that in postmenopausal women, consuming 30 grams of flaxseeds daily lowered total cholesterol by 7% and LDL cholesterol by approximately 10%. These effects are seen because of the fibers present in flax seeds.
Rich in antioxidant
Flax seeds are highly rich in anti-oxidants. Lignans that are unique fiber-related polyphenols provide that anti-oxidants which help reduce free radical damage, therefore flax has anti-aging, hormonal-balancing and cellular-regenerating effects.
Lignans have antiviral and antibacterial properties also. It helps to reduce the number or severity of colds and flu.

Benefits for Menopausal/Post-Menopausal Women

Phytoestrogen that works somewhat similarly to the hormone estrogen. Estrogen production gets affected by the loss of ovary and thus have a negative effect on the body. The symptoms may be seen as hot flashes which can be incredibly uncomfortable. Consumption of phytoestrogens helps in the reduction of the severity and regularity of those events.

Anti-cancer properties
For diseases like breast, uteral and prostate cancers, lignans found in flaxseeds are very helpful. Certain studies have shown that lignans are helpful in the size reduction of cancerous tumors in rats, mice, and has been used with success in treating both breast and prostate cancer in humans. Hence, flax seeds are quite effective on cancerous cells as compared to other plant products.
Reduces oedema
ALA’s and lignans present in flax seeds helps to alleviate edema accompanied by certain diseases by blocking certain releases of inflammatory agents in the body.
Helps to maintain blood pressure
Certain studies show that consuming flax seeds, helps in the reduction of blood pressure. People already taking blood pressure medication may show a faster effect of alleviated blood pressure.
Might help in shedding weight
Flax seeds are rich in fiber. The gel-like substance of fiber when interacts with the digestive juices it slows down the absorption in the colon. This makes your stomach feel fuller for a longer time and thus, you consume less calorie, which helps in your weight loss plan. It is also used as respiratory healthcare products.
The proteins present in the flax seeds alleviates your appetite thus reducing overeating.
Flax seeds are low in sugar and starch. Hence, it is low in calorie and helps in weight reduction.
Anti-oxidants are beneficial for health. Here anti-oxidants are directly not related to weight loss, but they help indirectly. Here lignans are the anti-oxidants that enhance the cell functioning as the body burns fat.


  • Ladies, please be aware before consuming flaxseed, when you are conceiving.
  • Might show some allergic reaction.
  • Men with prostate cancer should ask their doctor before consuming flax seeds.
  • Women with breast, uterine, ovarian cancers should take the doctors advice before consuming flaxseeds.
  • Raw flaxseeds might act as a poison for your body.
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The editor of this on Respiratory Healthcare Products article Sonali Pradhan is a writer and researcher in Dietary Bisiness Intelligence LLC since last 5 years and her research on best diet food products is shows if body intake the proper nutrition in time it will be helpful for healthy living.