There are various ways of flea and tick control but one must always choose a holistic method of flea and tick control. It does not matter how much a flea and tick repellent claims to be harmless, all of them have harmful chemicals since they are pesticides. On the other hand, natural way to combat with the pest problem is safe and does not harm the animal. Here are some non-toxic ways by which you can safely remove ticks and fleas from your pet's body.

Holistic way for flea and tick control

Most flea and tick shampoos claim to remove fleas and ticks effectively but all of them contain harmful chemicals and therefore it is better not to use them. If the pet has too many fleas and ticks, then it must be given a bath after every alternate day. Any shampoo can be used for this purpose; preferably give a bath in warm water. If fleas and ticks are not severe, then give your pet bath twice a week.


The best way for flea and tick control is by combing your pet every day. Warm soapy water must be kept handy so that every time fleas or ticks are caught, they can be washed in the water immediately. After combing wipe, the pet with a wet towel so that traces of soap from his fur is removed.


Vacuuming removes fleas and ticks in the most effective manner. These pests can be anywhere, under the furniture, on the curtain, in the bedding, carpet etc. Vacuuming sucks these pets out of their hiding place and ensures that all areas of your house are flea and tick free.

Neem oil

Another effective flea and tick control method is to use neem oil. The Neem tree is found in abundant in the Indian sub-continent and as per a research in Australia; it was found out that Neem is a powerful anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti- inflammatory and removed fleas and ticks from the root level. Since it is plant oil so is very safe for animals.

Keep the outdoor area clean

Fleas and ticks breed more in outdoor area especially in the garden or in the wild.If one has a grassy garden then it is better to keep grass trimmed so that the ground gets sufficient sunlight, and the pests residing in these grasses are killed. Once a week some pesticides can be sprayed all over, the grass and plantation but make sure there is no overdose. Do not increase the dose as it may harm the pet while it plays there.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is the fossil of water plant and an effective flea and tick control remedy. It is natural and safe on the skin of your animal but deadly for the fleas and ticks. It enters the fleas' skeleton and sucks their entire water content, thus making them dehydrated. Diatomaceous earth appears as a white chalky powder and is very easy to apply.

These tick and flea control methods are quite safe and frees the pet from pests without any side effects.

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