It is quite possible that fleas and ticks infect people who have pets, their pets at some time or the other. The reason for this is fleas are a part of the pet’s surroundings, they are found everywhere the pet goes. Most often people take their pets to various places like beach, garden etc. these places are filled with fleas and ticks and they easily get attracted to mammals. We humans can see fleas with our naked eyes but pets cannot recognize these creatures at first.

It takes no time for these pests to capture the body of a pet and make it ill in fact very ill. Pets love to play in the bushes and roll down on grassy lawns. These places are filled with ticks, which easily jump to your pet’s body, and bites it with their sharp teethes.Some people buy flea medication from over the counter but they do not realize that they must do Flea treatment for small dogs or for any other dogs only under a vet. There are various reasons to support this, let us look at them.

Take your pet to the vet

A well-known vet must do flea treatment for small dogs at the vet know the full anatomy of dogs and cats as well. Only a vet can study the skin structure of a pet and make sure that the medicine prescribed by him suits the pet.The vet will also do various other tests to ensure that the dog is not suffering from any other illness. This is essential as a dog with weak immune system will not take up any medication. It will likely show some side effects. Not all medications suit us and the same is applied to pets as well.

There are various types of fleas and ticks and all of them require different treatments. The flea medications that you get over the counter are not suitable for all types of ticks. The vet will examine the dog carefully to see which type of tick has infected it and will prescribe the medication accordingly. A medication, which suits a large breed of dogs, will not suit a small breed of dog therefore only a vet can suggest the right medication in such case. Flea treatment for small dogs as well as all other types of dog breeds must be therefore done by a vet only.

Therefore, if your dog is infected by such pests always take it to the doctor and do not do any treatment on your own.

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