I am sure many of you would have heard about this term for the first time but this is not the latest concept in the market. Yes, I am talking about GPS based fleet tracking systems. These advanced fleet management systems typically enable the fleet owner to keep track of all the vehicles of a particular fleet at any point of time. These days these systems are very popular as they result into hug cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

There are numbers of IT companies indulged into the manufacturing of fleet tracking systems. They provide these products to various companies all around the world. These devices are typically mounted over a vehicle to be tracked where they send continuous signals to the nearest receiving centre. These devices contain a SIM card that sends the coordinates of the vehicle after regular intervals (normally 1 sec). These coordinates will then communicated through satellite to the server and then to the fleet owner to his computer or mobile.

Before the introduction of such technologies, the fleet owners were left unaware of their vehicles. Another problem was to analyze how much distance the vehicle has covered over a specific period of time. Now with fleet tracking systems installed, one can easily track the movement of vehicle at any point of time. All you need a computer with a registered account on the GPS server which would continuously communicate the latest coordinates and location of your vehicle. Today many fleet-based companies are making use of these advanced systems to ensure a better management of their fleet.

The best part of fleet tracking systems is that they run even with ignition off as they primarily run of battery power. So, if your driver disconnects the connecting wire, the owner or operator would get an alert on his mobile or computer. He can directly call the driver and ask about any delay or issue. In this way, your driver will not make any unnecessary use of vehicle. Through this way, you will ensure punctuality and timeliness of your fleet.

The only thing you need to look for while buying fleet tracking systems is the quality of the product and market reputation of the supplier. As these devices are electronics and contain no mechanical part, the chances of it getting damaged are less. But for safe side, rely on a reputed manufacturer or supplier so that you can save huge sum of money or making a bulk purchase.

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