(With a wild turkey population of over 100,000, Florida sells 73000 licenses annually)

Osceola spring gobblers can be legally hunted in Florida. In fact, it’s the only place where this much sought-after wild turkey subspecies can be added to the bag. Overall, the Florida turkey season is about swamps flush with Spanish moss and wild turkeys. Pinewoods, cattle pastures and even the terrains habited by alligators and poisonous snakes are alive with noisy roosts during the peak seasons in this State.

Duck Hunting

Several changes in rules and regulations have taken place for the upcoming hunting seasons in Florida. Silver Springs Forest WMA has been established as a new hunting ground in northeast Florida. Located in Marion County, this 4,900-acre tract provides outdoor sports opportunities like spring turkey hunting, archery, general gun, muzzleloading, mall game, hunting, frogging and fishing only.

Professional hunters and first-timers require updated and timely information about the upcoming Florida turkey season to plan their trips, licenses, permits and equipment. Read this post to know about the upcoming Florida season in detail Florida Turkey Season: Everything You Need to Know“.

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