Have you ever wished for a recipe that could boost your vibrational energy to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life? Use the power of flower essences and crystals to make your own money magnet!

Flower essences are the energetic patterns of various types of flowers and plants. Crystals also have energetic patterns and vibrate at various frequencies. Both flower essences and crystals balance disharmony in the emotional and spiritual body, and bring about a gentle healing by bringing the body back in balance with itself.

Here is a list of various flower essences and crystals that are associated with money, creativity, inspiration and abundance.

Flower Essences with these energetic frequencies include:

  • Fullhorn Cattleya fosters an inner sense of abundance
  • Heliconia fosters inspiration
  • Hibiscus focuses creative abilities and energy
  • Mesquite opens oneself to abundance and pleasure
  • Papala Kepau inspires the holistic perspective embracing higher truth when dealing with money.
  • Paw Paw provides focus and clarity
  • Petunia provides inspiration and visualization.
  • Plum Tree offers inspiration and new ideas
  • Red Lily helps one stay grounded and focused
  • Turkey Bush inspires creativity

Crystals that resonate with these traits include:

  • Aquamarine stimulates creativity and clarity of mind
  • Celestine expands creative expression
  • Citrine attracts abundance
  • Hematite fosters focus and personal magnetism
  • Topaz is an abundance stone


  • Parsnips are an emotional remedy for money frustration.
  • Turnips are an emotional remedy for greed and money frustration (hence the old adage, you can't squeeze blood from a turnip!)
  • Soy Bean is an emotional remedy for greed

Use a combination of flower essences and crystals to achieve your goal. For example, when I have a booth at a trade show or expo, I prefer Red Lily flower essence so I keep focused in the midst of so much energy. I wear a piece of jewelry with a Hematite stone to enhance my personal charisma and attract more people over to my booth! When it is time for me to work on writing material for my Web site, I place my Celestine stone right on the keyboard and combine the flower essences of Heliconia, Hibiscus, and Plum Tree for my own creativity cocktail!

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Author's Bio: 

Sue Parker works globally as a quantum biofeedback practitioner and is the co-founder of Planet BioScan. Why not try Money Magnet for a month or so and see what abundance manifests in your life! Planet BioScan can help you create your ideal future.