Tea as a type of drink is an international drink used worldwide. It is a drink that is easy to be made as it requires fewer ingredients as well as skills. Most people use the processed tea leaves to prepare the tea in most of the countries. The processed tea leaves, therefore vary depending on the quality. Most of the developing countries use a bit lower quality as compared to developed countries.

However, according to the recent innovations, some countries have come with a different type of tea which does not necessarily require processing of tea leaves.

The type of tea is called a flowering tea ball. As the name suggests, the type of drink is made of a mixture of edible flowers and tea leaves. The mixture is not processed but instead, they are tied together and used in making tea when dry.

This type of tea is quite enjoyable to drink since it is made of sweet smelling flowers which are also edible. In the recent past, the Chinese country is the country where tea was introduced and as per now, most people have started using it as it is easily made and less costly.

According to doctors, this type of drink is healthier as compared to others because it is more natural.

The process of making flowering tea balls is not a big task as such. It only requires time and attention in following a few making steps. The homemade tea balls are easy and cheap to prepare since the raw materials are locally available.

Flowers used that are obtained directly from should not have been sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers among other chemicals. The process begins here;

Edible flowers are washed thoroughly and added some salt as a treatment agent. Cleaned flowers are sewed together using a needle and a thread.

Leaves to be used are spread on a flat surface to flatten them but not for long to avoid wilting and drying up. The leaves are then wrapped within the flowers to make a ball and placed in an oven for about 30 minutes so as not to lose the flavor.

Finally, all the threads that were used removed and the ball tea ball placed in a clear teapot for visibility during the flowering of the ball.

Boiling water is added to soften the leaves and within few minutes the tea ball will be seen flowering. The flowered ball is left for about 5 minutes before it is served ready for consumption.

The process might be seen as tiresome and time-consuming but its benefits outdo the negative side of it.

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Blooming tea is a tea that is packaged in a tightly furled ball that uncurls when the tea is placed in hot water, revealing a flower or fanciful scene created by the artfully arranged tea leaves.