Opposing Polarities May Cooperate With Each Other Or They Conflict To Varying Degrees

Fluidity is the answer to all confusing statements. Fluidity is the key to wisdom.This article will discuss fluidity, its meaning and use.

If to you, for example, conflict means opposing, that indicates that you do not have fluidity as a personal quality and so your mind is fixed on your definition of conflict. Nothing is fixed in this world nearly as rigidly as a human mind. However, the mind of a wise person is as supple as a blade of young grass.

Conflict is usually accepted to mean opposing, and opposing means opposite. We normally assume that opposites in conflict are a problem and an argument just waiting to explode. On the other hand, a magnet has conflicting poles which are in opposition. This is called conflicting forces, yet a magnet does not argue with other magnets, nor its own opposing poles with each other.

This is a world of duality and opposites, meaning opposing or conflicting forces such as the magnetic poles or, hot and cold. Nothing exists without its opposite also existing. Hence opposites are actually harmonious siamese twins giving each other life.

People generally are not fluid in the way we read or listen. We do not understand what we hear at a deeper level. Rather, we interact with our opinion of what the words mean regardless of what the writer or speaker intended to say. Because of this, we rarely learn anything new since we only communicate based on what we already know.

Fluidity means that all things are in a constant state of flux. Constantly moving and changing. This also means the definition of a word is constantly changing based on the context and who is communicating.

When you are fluid you will understand all things and always find harmony

If you do not understand something it is of course good to ask, but at the same time you should immediately remember that your lack of understanding is due to the rigidness of your mind and that you must be more fluid. This is the first step in becoming more fluid.

A zipper has two conflicting sides, two strips with teeth that poke out towards each other. If they are placed head to head they conflict such that there is no harmony and the zip does not work. But rather, the two conflicting sides are varied to a degree by a skilled zipper maker, meaning offset from each other such that their conflicting teeth fit between each other and the zip works.

Two opposing things have been adjusted by wisdom to form into a harmonious single unit which is so useful in every day life. It creates new things by joining two separate pieces of cloth into one, making pants and dresses that we can get into fit so nicely.

All things conflict with something. If we are fluid enough to see the conflict and adjust one or both sides of the opposing polarities, we can create harmony in any situation.

Hot conflicts cold. Put an ice cube in boiling water and it instantly cracks. But if you leave the boiling water in the cup on the table until it cools enough before putting the ice in, then the ice will not crack.

If you take a normal glass and pour boiling water in it, the glass will crack. But if you put a metal utensil in the glass before you pour the water, the glass will not crack.

Hot and cold conflict but with fluidity we can adjust the conflicting forces such that they work in harmony without destroying one or the other. This is called the Law of Three.

This law states that there are three forces; active, passive and neutralizing. The active force is the boiling water, the passive force is the glass, and the neutralizing force is the metal. By understanding this law, we can find ways to neutralize the conflicting forces in such a way that they join in harmony.

The art of being a master of the moment is in becoming a fluid person and guiding opposing sides such that they are adjusted into harmony.

There is nothing in this world, things nor people, that cannot be mastered by understanding this. But you must be fluid to really understand. Think about the examples I have given you here, and find more of your own. As you look for the opposing forces, knowing that they can be adjusted in some way to join in harmony, you will start to see the world in a different way.

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