The air transportation has become a principal means to travel and for goods carriage. The flag carrier of United Arab Emirates Etihad Airways deals is relatively young in this field but has accomplished some goals in this period. Abu Dhabi is the main hub of the airline, and with more than three scores of planes, it makes one thousand flights every week. The company is also offering cargo handling facility for some destinations worldwide, as shown here. The company has made its way in the least time to join the cadre of leaders in this area of service. The hard work of the staff and executives of the company has made it possible to become renowned all over the world as one of the choices for comfortable air travel experience.

The touch of Arabian culture and warmth of the passion of serving is unique that is a temptation which is beneficial for the airline as well as for its hub. The company has come up with the approach to be the iconoclast in this field and set new standards of excellence. The adoption of modernity and use of technology are the two main reasons for the record progress of the airline in a limited period.
Travellers are entertained with the personal attention that leaves an unforgettable impression on the minds of the guests. The staff has started to assist, guide and facilitate the passengers on ground with their amicable attitude and abilities to help them in the best possible manner. The company is also striving to make the air traveling the safest option and means of transportation worldwide by adopting the highest standards of this aspect for Etihad Airways deals.

The company remains in contact with the ever changing world and accept all the new ideas that could raise the contentment of those who choose it as their traveling partner. The eagerness to achieve the highest standards of service keeps the company in search of innovative ideas. At present eighty-four destinations in fifty-two countries are experiencing the world class service standards of the airline. The company is growing at a rapid pace and ready to include new destination in its list. The number of passengers has been increasing every year that results in the more financial gain for the company.

The addition of pearl business class and coral economy class in various aircraft of the fleet is a fruit of innovation. The diamond first class is rich with those features that soothe the travelers' experience with the company. The people are taken as guests by the ground staff and crew members in flight that altogether changes the feeling of the people. Special dining options are offered that suits the religious or other needs of the people.

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