Have you taken the time recently to think about what is your purpose in life? When I think of mine, it is to be the best career coach I can be to those with whom I come in contact. I have learned so much this year on the process of career development and the methods to use in searching for a position of employment, it has become a passion of mine to share that knowledge with others. When I moved the page forward on my Motivations calendar for the month of October, I was greeted with the theme word of FOCUS. Additionally, the monthly quote supporting that theme resonated with me very quickly. It is attributed to American singer Marian Anderson and reads as follows: “If you have a purpose in which you can believe, there’s no end to the amount of things you can accomplish.”

It’s ironic many times how easily we can lose sight of our purpose and not be in focus. Often the trials of day to day living overwhelm us. We have a plan, but then steps of the plan don’t work out as we had hoped and we’re scrambling around aimlessly to get back on track. Or a life circumstance occurs, which comes to us completely unexpectedly, and something which has been a part of our life for a long time is no more. I see this often lately in my work with those who are searching for their next career path when their previous employment ends through no fault of their own.

So, what can one do when they sense they don’t have a purpose in their life? Certainly taking the time to assess one’s life by reviewing what has gone on before and identifying the accomplishments that have made them their proudest is one thing that can be done. When reviewing accomplishments, particular ones which you have truly enjoyed doing, there are likely to be related themes through them. There are motivated skills which come to the surface that help you to determine which things must be present for you to feel fulfilled in the activities which you enjoy. Complimenting this review back in your life should be a projection of your life going forward. In projecting forward, brainstorm and have fun with your thoughts. First assess your life at the moment. Then project forward in five year increments. Five years from now how old will your children be? Where do you see yourself living? What type of work do you see yourself doing? Asking yourself questions such as these and others like them, and projecting your life at the five year in the future point, ten year in the future point, fifteen year in the future point, etc., helps to provide you a perspective. What emerges for you that you want to accomplish? What steps will you need to take to make those things happen?

While assessment will begin to provide you some answers on what it is on which you want to focus, commitment and research to what you want to accomplish will keep you moving forward. Share your purpose with others. Let them know what makes you the person that you are? Perhaps they are someone who can help you move forward, or they know someone who may be able to assist you. Use resources available to you such as the library or internet to learn more about that which you are passionate. Don’t be afraid to try and fail? Only be concerned if you are afraid to try. That would only mean you are choosing to limit yourself as to how far you can go with that which is your passion.

We all have something which helps drive us in our life. Whether it is our career, our family, a leisure activity or a hobby, something within us has caused us to choose it as the thing which drives us. When we’re missing that special something in our life we have the choice to regroup and determine just what it is. And, when we know what it is which we want to be our calling in life, at this particular time in our life, then it is up to us to make the most of it as we define that to be.

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