What a crazy mixed-up world we live in. We are bombarded with negative messages everywhere we look. While we attempt to tune out these messages, it pulls away our focus from the important issues in our family and home life.

In the average family, the day begins in an absolute state of chaos. We try to get the kids out of bed and ready for school. Getting them fed, cleaned up and searching for school bags and that shoe that seems to be missing, really puts us into an aggravated state. Now that we’ve gotten them out the door, it’s time to pile them into the car or run like crazy for the school bus.

Now it’s our time to try and figure out what we need to get ready for work. It’s slam down a coffee, put a toaster strudel in the multi-toaster and try to get ourselves together in the bathroom. Many of us, skip the breakfast at home, stopping at the corner store for cheap coffee and/or a bottle of energy drink that we need a dictionary to figure out what the contents really are. Are you exhausted yet? Well slow it down and go back about 3,000 years or so for some really solid advice.

Focus as we all know, actually starts with the letter F. For our purposes, we want to look at the letter A, which stands for Ayurveda.

This is an ancient Indian medical system. While many people look to the Chinese for ancient systems, it has been put forth that China got the vast majority of it’s medical and martial arts knowledge from traveling Indian monks as much as five or seven thousand years ago.

Ayurveda can help you with your overall energy, focus and concentration, if you are willing to delve deep and give it a serious effort.

Your first trip to the Ayurveda center is for a special consultation. There the Ayurveda (practioner) will access your overall well being and then suggest certain herbs or formulations that you can take in regards to focus and brain health.

Recommendations are made as to what foods you should be eating and what foods are best for you to avoid. As well, your pattern of exercise is discussed and if need be, alternative systems of exercise will be offered for you to consider.

Ayurveda health centers offer a wide variety of massage techniques, which are very different than traditional massages. For focus, mental clarity and concentration, your local Ayurveda health center would recommend having a treatment known as, “Shirodhara.”

In this treatment, you lie comfortably on your back, relaxing on one of their massage tables. While you are deeply relaxing, a slow stream of warm, medicated oils, gently flows from a special vessel onto a specific point on your forehead. While some Japanese massages may sound great, many people find them so painful, that they do not want to go back again. Shirodhara will leave you feeling blissful and focused.

Your Ayurveda center has a large number of herbs and formula’s that they can recommend. It is almost certain that they will recommend some of the following:

1. Ashwaganda has an interesting translation. It means, “the smell of a horse.” Of course they don’t mean the smell of a horse barn, it’s actually talking about the strength and overall vigor of a proud stallion. Ashwaganda is similar to ginseng but it is actually related to the tomato. It helps to heal and invigorate the same way that ginseng does. While it looks similar to tomato, it actually has a sturdy root and this is what is ground up to use in the medicine system. The main properties that will interest you, is it’s ability to combat stress, improve your memory and work to reduce any depression that you may have. Stress and depression will rob you of your ability to focus, so this herb will be excellent for you.

2. Ginkgo Biloba is another herb that is widely used. This herb is commonly referred to as a “brain herb.” It aids with blood flow to your brain and can help improve your memory, so that focusing is easier.
Why not explore Ayurveda medicine today. In your search for ways to improve your focus and performance, this could be your answer.

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Throughout a career in engineering and project management with a family then afterward as an author working from home, a laser focus, concentration and optimizing, prioritizing schedule has been critical for his success.

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