Focusky is a world renowned digital presentation solutions provider that has continued to make presentations a lot easier and more effective. The recent additions of amazing features to the presentation maker is a re-establishment of the claim made by Mattie Lee, the Head Designer of Focusky, that Focusky is taking the digital presentation to a whole new level.

The introduction of the online presentation maker by Focusky made the task of making and subsequently doing presentations a lot easier and even more cost-effective considering the effect of captivating and engaging presentations on the audience.

The new additions to the software are very practical with such features as a new interaction function that allows for better and more effective engagement and interaction with the audience, the optimization of a creative and more engaging animation effect, and the ability to publish video presentation with sounds on Mac.

Other benefits to be enjoyed by previous users and new users of the Focusky presentation software are an improved presentation interface, a data interchange function available when data is being edited, and the new add entrance Text Typewriter, exit animation Text Backspace feature.

With Focusky, you can create the presentations from PPT. Just with a simple import, you can customize the content and add the amazing animation to liven the content. With the 1,000 online templates from different topics, it is also easily to create the presentation from new empty project. It is also convenient to import the images to create the animated video now.

Focusky Software has again reinstated its mission of becoming a world leader in providing digital solutions particularly in the area of digital presentation with the addition of these amazing features for better user experience.

About Focusky
Focusky is a digital presentation software provider, headquartered in Hong Kong with many years of providing excellent digital presentation software application/service to users worldwide. The company over the years has developed online digital presentation software for affordable and effective presentation for users across the globe.

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Misty Jhones