'Discount business class flights’ is a very common phrase in today’s world. There are many a people who invest considerable amount of time in order to secure a deal. Especially if we are coming close to the vacation period, the rush mounts incredibly. Thus, as demand rises, the supply obviously decreases which leads to a decrease in the number of cheap business class flights one can avail. Remember, there are many people who travel primarily because they are in possession of cheap business class tickets. Thus, the demand keeps on rising and it is, at times, quite difficult to secure a ticket for you. In this discourse, we would try to discuss a breakup of the timings where you will more probably have chances to get discounts on airfare business class.

1.First Dibs: - This can be marked as a zone where the first benchers or the people who don’t like to gamble target. This is the first offer zone you might get from the subsequent companies. The offers are rolled out approximately months 11 to 6 and half months in advance. This is normally applicable for early planners. People who are planning a New Year trip for 2018 from now might target this zone for the upcoming year.

2.Peace of Mind: - This phrase applies for offers which are rolled out ranging from 6 to 3 months in advance. Here you are more prone to get deals which are quite good on your pockets. But they are never ones which are as big as the first dibs or even the last moment ones.

3.Prime Booking Window: - The Prime Booking Window opens 3 and half months early and stays up to 3 weeks from departure. As the name suggests, this is the premiere time for booking tickets and airline companies come up with outstanding discounts during this phase in order to fill-up their seats well in advance.

4.Push Your Luck: - This is located as the area from where the real gambling starts. You need to avail these windows regularly if you are a person who acts instinctively. Remember chances are minimal, but once your luck strikes, you might fetch yourself a great deal from nowhere.

5.Hail Mary: - This is definitely where you have reached if you are looking for a vacation trip for the New Year 2017. Once again you have made the decision in a haste and quite instinctively. All you need to do once you have reached the zone which ranges from 2 weeks to the last day is to wait for the last minute deals or even the online sale of the empty seats or even the deals on the last minute up gradations.

Finally, one needs to come to the conclusion that a Hail Mary has to be the last option one must look for. They are better preserved for emergencies. Still, it is prescribed to be on the safer side if you are seriously looking for discount business class flights as you might not always be lucky enough to secure a cheap deal once you have reached the Hail Mary zone.

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