Fortune lies in follow-up -- whether it is a job interview, networking with people, closing on business deals, getting the life. One of the person or to achieve success in any other aspect of life, one has to master the art of follow-up.

Follow -up is the key to building a successful is both, one of the easiest and the most difficult aspect of the business. Getting getting clients is one thing, sustaining them is quite another. However, to convert a prospect into a customer and then to get repeat orders requires a phenomenal amount of follow-up.

Following up after an interview gives you an edge over other candidates. This can be done through a thank you letter immediately after the interview. If you haven’t heard from the interviewer within the period specified during the interview, it is a good idea to follow-up again.

The hallmark of great follow-up is persistence. For example, you call a prospect and he asks you to contact him in a few months, do take steps to ensure that you call. If you don’t then someone will. Have a simple to-do-list which will let you know what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Use an appropriate style of follow-up, whether it is sending a letter, using a postcard, sending an email, mailing across an AV presentation, placing a call or using a brochure. The medium could be any, depending on the situation, but you must work out a way to demonstrate that you care to take the relationship forward.

Although follow-ups are crucial for success, there are plenty of people you are not comfortable doing so. They consider the act as an intrusion into someone else’s personal territory or in some cases people think it is below their dignity to follow-up. Whatever be your reason, unlearn it and follow-up.

When someone’s first response is ‘NO’ it doesn’t always mean ‘NEVER’ it may, in reality, mean that the person is unsure at that point in time, maybe he needs more information to make a decision, there could be a lack of trust due to inadequate data or simply that he needs time to think. Give him space and follow up again with all sincerity.

Yes, there could be a time when someone may get annoyed with you to stop approaching them. Consider that as a fair deal and move on but never get bogged down with these rejections.

In conclusion, I suggest that you design build and maintain a specialized action plan to follow-up and achieve results.

Author's Bio: 

Rahul Kapoor (February 18,1976) is an Indian inspirational speaker, mentor, author and entrepreneur. Kapoor is known for his talks and seminars on peak performance, teamwork and relationships. He has authored self-helps books, which includes Work Wise – Lessons in Excellence for Young Professionals and Dad & I – Inspiring Stories for Teens. Through his seminars Kapoor has impacted over 3,00,000 people across 15 countries. Kapoor is the founder of several companies and charitable trusts. Junior Chambers International awarded him with Outstanding Young Persons of India Award in 2010. He is also a youth icon and partners with organizations worldwide in inspiring youth to lead a powerful value based life.