Feng Shui is about understanding energy. When we understand energy we don't force it or fight it, we go with it.

Whenever I follow the flow, something amazing seems to happen. Opportunities, synchronicity simply unfolds before me. To show you what I mean, I'd like to tell you about a day this July.

It was a beautiful day! The sun was shining, there was a gentle breeze and the humidity was low. Fantastic for the East Coast in July. In fact, the day was so lovely I decided to head out of work a few hours early.

My son had a friend visiting who had never been to Manhattan, so late in the afternoon we headed out. It's always fun to visit the city with someone that has never been; you get to see the sites through new eyes, and in that - appreciation and awe takes hold. Like Paris, New York is a fantastic walking city, so comfortable shoes, sunglasses are a necessity.

Our first stop, Central Park - big, beautiful and filled with some very interesting folks! Next, we proceeded over to the Plaza (the famous hotel in the movie Home Alone), and then down 5th Avenue. The sight down 5th Avenue was incredible: Tiffany's, Trump Towers, Bergdorf Goodman, Cartier, to mention a few. And then, the incredible St. Patrick's Cathedral, like any great cathedral in Europe, the architecture and ambiance within this amazing structure is truly inspiring.

We then headed over to Sak's 5th Avenue and then across to Rockefeller Center (this is the outside shot you always see if you watch the Today Show). After that we headed down the street to Radio City Music Hall and of course the infamous Times Square! (Thank goodness for comfortable walking shoes!)

After Times Square we headed up to one of the best pizza restaurants in town, Angelo's (for those of you who can - it's on 57th between 6th & 7th). One the way back uptown, I noticed a helicopter hovering in the sky ... as I contemplated it, I realized that there wasn't one but three helicopters. At that moment I also heard sounds of a performance, music of a street band in the distance. Curiosity got the better of me and I turned the corner and to my amazement, the music was not coming from a street band, there on top of the Late Show Marquee was Paul McCartney!

What a bonus to an already perfect day! An afternoon with my son, the beauty of Manhattan and a LIVE performance by Paul McCartney! You might say, "What are the odds?" My answer, there are no odds when you follow the flow. Synchronicity? Yes! Opportunity? Yes! Random experience? Never!

Everything happens for a reason and when we follow the flow, you might just find life gets easier and far more interesting! If I had chosen to fight the flow and not turn the corner following my instinct - the energy at hand - I would have missed the incredible experience of Paul McCartney playing live, for free on a building marquee!

Wonder what can happen when you go with the flow? Give it a try and find out!

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