In the best possible world of job interviews, you asked about how well you did and what the next steps are during your conversation with the hiring manager and you got a clear answer on when a decision would be made and what to expect. But, maybe you didn’t ask, or maybe they put you off and you never really got a good answer.

The next obvious step is to call…but maybe after a week or two you’re still not getting the answer you want, and you’re thinking that maybe they’ve decided not to move forward with you. What should you do? Should you just give up and move on?
It depends. If you really want this job, there are steps you can take to rescue your job offer:

Find the hiring manager. Go around the HR department you’ve been talking to and contact the hiring manager. Start a relationship. How’s this going to help you?

• The hiring manager is the one feeling the pain of not having that position filled—but HR probably doesn’t.

• The hiring manager is the one who can see how your skills can transfer to this position—but HR probably can’t.

• The hiring manager has a tremendous sense of urgency to fill this spot—but HR doesn’t.

Find the hiring manager on LinkedIn or Facebook, or call the company to speak to him directly. If you don’t know the individual’s name or number, you can ask for him by function or department. Say something like, “I applied for XYZ position. I spoke with Suzie, and I thought the conversation went really well, but I don’t think she really understood how perfect I am for this job based on A, B, and C. I’d love to chat with you further. Can we meet? (Or go to lunch, etc.?) When’s a good time?”

Try to move the process forward.

If this doesn’t go well, that’s OK. At least you tried. If you don’t try, you’re dead in the water, anyway, because it’s not a good sign if you haven’t heard anything on your own. No news is not good news in the job search.

If you are really interested in the job, it’s worth fighting for. Make your phone calls, contact the hiring manager, ask the right questions, and make a strong effort to move the process forward so that you can win the job offer.

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