Starting a business is tough pursuit that takes time, patience, hard work and monetary investments. There are a variety of business expenses that you must think about before you start your business. Here is a list of three business expenses that should be thoroughly researched.

Employee Expenses

You are going to have to consider how you are going to pay your employees. It is a good idea to look up what the minimum wage is in your area. As of March 2019, the minimum wage set by the federal government of the United States of America is $7.25. However, the minimum wage differs by locale. For example, in New York City, the minimum wage is $15.00—as of March 2019. If your workers are unionized, you may have to pay them more money in wages and overtime. The amount of money that you are obligated to pay employees may differ on age, experience and education.


Many times, businesses require people to fulfill certain requirements in order to legally operate and to prove that they uphold certain standards. You may have to shell out money to attain certain types of licenses to sell certain things, or to sell things, in general. In order to be granted approval for license, you may have to outfit your business with certain types of items or machinery that fall within certain standards. You may have to do things a certain way that is more costly--all in the pursuit of fulfilling certain requirements.

Personal Life

You should research and figure out how business expenses are going to affect your personal life. For example, are there certain financial sacrifices that are going to be made? Are you going to have to cut back in another part of your life for the sake of your business? Also, think about time. Time is an expense. How much time will your business require, and how much will it eat into time for other things? Will you have to cut down on luxury items in order to put more money into your business?
These are many more than three business expenses that you should look into before starting your business. You should be aware of requirements, employee expenses and monetary expenses in your personal life. Additionally, be sure to look into equipment suppliers—like an electric mixer supplier if that’s something you need; the pros and cons of different kinds of equipment; and more to support you and your products and services.

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