Food Can Cure Stress
Carbohydrates increase the release of tryptophan in the body that regulates serotonin levels and helps you calm down. Whole wheat bread, pasta, wholegrain biscuits, oatmeal, bananas, potatoes dried beans and peas are good source of CARB.
Drinking tea can increase the brain’s capacity to handle stress due to combined effects of its many biologically active molecules and anti-oxidants. A glass of warm milk, without sugar which increase serotonin levels. Low level of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids can effects mental health with symptoms associated with particular mood variations.
Feeling Depressed
A low- fat diet reduces serotonin levels. Consider ‘good fat’ foods and add more folic acid and selenium to your diet have its anti-depressant properties. Skip simple, sweet carbs that can cause spikes in blood sugar and deepen depression.
When feeling low, coffee might work as an anti- depressant. But too much caffeine can get you too buzzed to think clearly. And once out reach out for another cup which will adversely affect your nervous system.
Feeling Slow and Sluggish
FOOD FIX adds some protein to your diet. Protein helps your brain create dopamine and that help you stay alert.
Stick to small meals. Large meals cause more blood to be directed to the stomach and less to the brain, making you sluggish. A quick fix for temporary dullness is caffeine that effective short circuits a nerve chemical called adenosine that blocks your energy-boosting brain chemicals, helping it gives you a healthy rush. Green teas or herbal teas with their mild flavour can also perk you up and are in fact healthier choice.

Feeling Anxious, Worried or Low Confidence
To heal anxiety, worry & low confidence fix a low- fat, low- protein, high- CARB foods aren’t bogged down by the presence of fat or protein, they clear all amino acids from body and allow tryptophan to flood your brain, where it morphs into serotonin that boosts mood and clams you.
Get it from a slice of whole wheat bread some honey or bowl of popcorn for you dose of tryptophan, but skip protein rich foods.
Feeling Restless and Forgetful
Get carb and anti-oxidants working for you. Anti- oxidants from brightly coloured fruits and vegetables help fight free radicals that damage memory. Stick to fat free choice. Get it from popcorn without butter. Pineapple, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables baked potatoes or eggs. Raisins are rich in the element boron that makes your memory sharper.
Feeling Tired
You probably need more iron in your diet. Iron boosts your blood count which in turn helps stave off fatigue to keep your energy levels up. Get it from beans and dark leafy veggies. But a good source of bio- available iron is animal fat.
So eat your veggies with some meat. If meals don’t include animal protein, add a citrus fruit melons, berries, or tomatoes. Wash away fatigue with a glass of water. Chronic low fluid intake is a common cause of mild dehydration and fatigue.
Feeling Wide Awake When You Need Sleep
Eat a small low- fat, low- protein, high-carb snack before bedtime. Up your copper. Eat bananas oatmeal cookies that tap into serotonin, or soothing, drowsy effects.
Or have a cup of warm milk with honey. Milk helps in managing your tryptophan levels and makes you sleep better. Nuts, chickpeas, beans and peas are some good sources of copper.

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