Pregnant women often get several anecdotes about how their health is going to affect the health of the new member that is going to join them soon. Well, this is true at all levels. Diet plays an extremely important role in the well being of the child as well as the mother. A good diet is a compliment to all the medication and increases the effect.

A good diet is also a great way to combat female infertility. A balanced diet improves the quality of eggs, makes the menstrual cycle regular, balances the hormones in the body, helps to manage weight. All of these factors are helpful in treating female infertility and also in preparing the body for pregnancy.

There will be defined diet charts when you approach a nutritionist, the doctors will guide you about what is to be eating before going through an IVF cycle and also during pregnancy. IT is important to know what you should eat but it is equally important to know what you should avoid eating in the pre-pregnancy period and during pregnancy:

Fruits to avoid:
1. Pineapple: Pineapple is a rich in Bromelain, a protein digesting enzyme. When you eat pineapple, it kills the most essential protein from your body hence you are at a risk of undergoing miscarriage due to lack of protein. It should be strictly avoided during pregnancy.
2. Peaches: Peaches can cause allergies, itching in throat, burning, excess bleeding. These allergies can also lead to miscarriage.
3. Raw Papaya: Having papaya increases the body heat. The excess heat kill the eggs. Hence papaya should be avoided when you are wanting to get pregnant, or undergoing IVF treatment and during the whole pregnancy period.
4. Pomegranate: Pomegranate which is a very healthy fruit otherwise, can cause troubles when consumed during pregnancy. It has reactive properties hence it can interfere with medications in some women. Not all women will be averse to pomegranate. Consult your doctor once before you stop consuming it.
5. Grapes: Grapes have high citrus content which may not be good for the mother to be. Grapes can also cause acidity which can cause discomfort. Hence grapes should be avoided. Grapes that are not sour can be consumed in moderate quantity though.

Vegetables to be avoided:
1. Drumsticks: Drumsticks contain alpha-sitosterol that increases estrogen levels and is harmful to the foetus. IT should be avoided by women who are suffering from female infertility issues. Pre pregnancy period and during pregnancy, drumsticks should be avoided.
2. Eggplant: Eggplant is recommended to women having an irregular menstrual cycle as this stimulates the hormones and results into proper bleeding. Thus, this vegetable should be avoided when women are trying to conceive or are pregnant.
3. Lemons: Citric food can cause irritation, inflame the stomach, acidity even miscarriage. Consult a doctor to know how much lemon can you consume to be assured.

Dairy and poultry products to be avoided:
1. Certain types of fishes and meat: Fishes like shark, swordfish, tuna should be avoided because they contain high levels of mercury and hence should be avoided. Fish that you eat should be properly cooked, under cooked or raw fish should be avoided.
2. Eggs should be only cooked and eaten. Raw or undercooked eggs can lead to cramps and create conditions of premature childbirth.
3. When it comes to dairy products, Unpasteurized milk and excess of cheese should be avoided. They contain salmonella, and other bacteria which is harmful in child development.

Other herbs and seeds to be avoided:
1. Herbs like Gotu kola, centella, and Dong quai should be avoided because they can interfere with the growth of the foetus and lead to miscarriage in some extreme conditions.
2. Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds produce heat in the body and thus can harm the foetus and the uterus lining. The effect of sesame seeds can also reflect post pregnancy during breastfeeding years.
6. Fennel seeds: Consuming a lot of fennel seeds can cause unease and untimely uterine contractions. Thus avoiding fennel seeds is the best option.

Lifestyle changes to embrace:
1. Caffeine should be avoided. Caffeine being a stimulant should be avoided in all forms, coffee, tea, excess chocolate.
2. Junk food: Junk food is a troublemaker to health. IT should be avoided generally and when it comes to pregnancy, it should definitely be avoided.
3. Alcohol and cigarette: When you think of conceiving, that should be the day you should stop all your addictions to end. This is the basic requirement to prepare for pregnancy.

Avoiding all these foods and embracing a healthy lifestyle will prepare you for a successful IVF cycle and a healthy pregnancy. It is imperative that you consult your doctor for a diet plan as everyone has a different body and can be prone to different risks that might be triggered due a wrong meal. Remember only a healthy mother will give birth to a healthy baby.

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