Urinary tract infection or UTI is one the most common infections that anybody could have. Genetics is one the causative agents of UTI, so some people were unfortunately left with no choice. However, there is one best option to prevent or treat urinary tract infection and that would be through a person’s diet. Staying away from certain group of foods to avoid urinary tract infection is very much worth the effort of eluding from pain and discomfort brought by UTI.

The most common sign of urinary tract infection would be the feeling of burning sensation every time a person urinates. Other common signs of UTI include foul-smelling urine and urine that appears cloudy. UTI may seem to be an ordinary bacterial infection of the bladder and kidney; however, if left untreated immediately, it could lead to more severe damage conditions of the said organs or any part of the body. Therefore, everybody should be conscious when classifying between the “good” foods from the “bad” foods.

A brief summary of the “good” foods include different kinds of fruits and vegetables plus vitamin supplements. This group introduces vitamin C and good bacteria called probiotics to the body that would be the first line of defense against bacteria and viruses. Again, bacteria are the main cause of urinary tract infection. Drinking enough fluids such as eight to ten glasses of water is also advisable.

On the other hand, “bad” foods will include the following:

1. High sugar foods such as artificial sweetener that are mainly used by diabetic patients. These are also used in many beverages and other foods. However, these encourage the increased proliferation of harmful bacteria.

2. Avoid processed foods too! Examples of these are cheese, chocolate and dairy products. Processed flour products and bakery products are also included on the foods to be avoided just as with processed fats and processed flour content foods. All of these foods cause urinary tract infection.

3. You should also avoid spicy food, caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks like beer, soda or any other drink with fizz which otherwise is also harmful.

4. Be careful when drinking tap water, it may be contaminated with bacteria. Lactose-rich fluids such as milk should also be avoided because this worsens the infection.

5. Aside from bad foods, staying away from cigarettes and tobacco is highly recommended, being one of the main common causes if urinary tract infection.

These foods to avoid for urinary tract infection are sinfully tempting. If we cannot avoid them, have them in moderation or controlled manner but this is applicable for those who do not have UTI yet, but for those who are already suffering from it, do the right choice! It is just a matter of self-discipline.

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