Arthritis is one of the most common types of joint disorders in Arlington. It causes stiffness and pain affecting your ability to go on with your daily tasks. Even though there is no specific meal plan that may help with arthritis, avoiding certain foods may be a good idea.  If you are living in Arlington, arthritis might be a problem for you. Stay away from the following foods to help ease the pain.

  1.     Inflammatory Foods

Arthritis is a term that describes conditions which may cause joint pain and inflammation. Inflammatory foods could make it worse. Common inflammatory foods include processed meat, artificial trans fats, and refined carbohydrates.

  1.     Dairy Products

Dairy products could make your arthritis pain worse. They have a type of protein that may irritate your joint tissues leading to pain. Consider using vegan alternatives to ease the pain and irritation. Vegetable sources of protein include spinach, beans, lentils, and nut butters.

  1.     Processed and Fried Foods

Research suggests that fried and processed foods may increase arthritis pain. They may also lower the natural defenses of your body. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and avoid frozen and processed foods.

  1.     Sugar

If you consume sugar regularly, you are at a high risk of getting rheumatoid arthritis. Excessive consumption of sugar may also increase your risk of obesity, inflammation, and heart disease. Avoid soft drinks, sauces, and cereals that may have too much sugar.

  1.     Tobacco and Alcohol

Alcohol and tobacco are bad for your joints. If you consume them regularly, you are at a high risk of getting rheumatoid arthritis. Alcohol may also increase your likelihood of developing gout. It may cause bacterial toxins to move out of the colon and spread to other parts of the body. The condition spreads inflammation to other parts of the body. Women should consume a maximum of one drink per day and men should limit it to two drinks per day.

  1.     AGE

Advanced Glycation End products (AGE) are toxins present in pasteurized, heated, grilled, and fried foods. They are bad for some proteins in your body. As your body attempts to break them down, it uses inflammatory messengers. The foods may cause arthritis and other types of inflammation.

  1.     Nightshades

Nightshades are vegetables that contain solanine. If you have arthritis, nightshades can make the pain worse. Consider removing them from your diet to improve the symptoms. Common nightshade vegetables include:

  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Chili peppers
  • Bell peppers
  • Eggplants
  1.     Purine-Rich Foods

Foods that are rich in purines may increase your risk of getting arthritis. The symptoms can be worse if you have gout. The body converts purine to uric acid which may build up in your bloodstream. Foods that are rich in purines include:

  • Some seafood
  • Red meat
  • Bacon
  • Ham
  • Organ meat
  • Beer

 If you have arthritis, consider making changes to your diet. Avoid inflammatory foods, nightshades, sugar, processed food, and dairy products. Consider keeping a food diary to identify foods that trigger arthritis pain. Even though diet changes may ease your pain, seek help if you suspect that you may have arthritis.

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