The history of football in general, goes back to its beginnings in rugby. The English game is very much similar or identical to football and soccer which also began in England in early 1800's.

The campus of the Ivy League schools played similar variations of football through the middle of 1800th then, shortly after the Civil War ended in 1860, the university began to play organized football. The game became patented when Princeton University frontier some of the basic rules of the soccer. It seems strange to patent a game, but the sport with the passage of time gained popularity and started growing. The college football game for the first time in the history was played in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton, with Rutgers emerging as winner.

College football history has taken another big step in 1873 when a number of colleges collaborated to form the first rules of the game and the number of players per team. The coach for Yale, Walter Camp supported the transition from rugby style to American Style. Also, they limited the number of players per team to eleven and the size of the football field at 110 meters.

Further, in absence of proper safety equipment the sport had become extremely violent and dangerous for all players. There were also a number of deaths in the sport. Concerned over the problem, President Teddy Roosevelt and formed a group of seven elected members for an organization to govern standards and save football history. This committee came into existence, and known as the NCAA and National Athletic Association, which we know today.

The Association issued a new set of rules, with a provision of punishing the players for their rough and unsafe behaviors and acts. History of football has changed when a normal practice, when the arms are close together and other things declared illegal. Also, the game was reduced to 60 minutes.

The development of sport has led to an inevitable expansion in college football. Ever since, the history of college football has blossomed in amazing manner. Now, Hundreds of college teams are competing each year in accordance with the guidelines of the NCAA. Several departments of the universities and conferences are now all hope that the most important days of winning the cup in the New Year. The history of football and nostalgia are living well today with college football.

It is worth noting that Professional football was initially in 1895 and in 1920 when American Professional Football Association (AFPA) was founded. It was renamed and known as National Football League (NFL) in 1922. Initially NFL has 10 teams, and an important merger took place in 1970, when 16 NFL teams joined the 10 AFL teams to make a large association. With two associations coming together, now the total number of team has went up to 32 and making it the most popular game on earth.

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