There’s really no finer way of keeping your most treasured and special photos than by turning them into gallery quality canvas prints, because when photos become photos on canvas, they stop being snapshots and start being works of art.

The rise of digital photography has changed the nature of the photos that we all take. First and foremost, digital storage has allowed us to take many more photos, so that every special moment of a family holiday or special event can be recorded, without having to worry that you’re going to run out of film. The second major innovation lies in the flexibility of the image captured. Once you’ve taken a digital photo, the possibilities are almost endless. Through manipulation and reproduction, your humble photo can be turned into anything from a mug to a mouse mat, from a key ring to a fridge magnet. Perhaps most spectacular of all, however, is the opportunity to see your personal photo’s turned into canvas prints and hung on the wall of your house. At, we give you the opportunity to turn the picture of your choice into a high If you want to give a member of your family, or a friend, a gift which will remind them of you every time they look at it, then why not create one of our photo calendars? The key to the photo calendars produced at Albelli is that they’re personalised photo calendars, combining practicality with beauty and the kind of individual touch which makes for a truly unique and personal.

Walk into almost any kitchen and you’ll see photo calendars on the wall or attached to the front of the fridge. After all, everybody needs to be able to make a note of all those important dates which form such a key part of family life – doctor’s appointments, birthdays, parents evenings and school holidays, and a calendar is the ideal place to do it. Sadly, however, the choice of imagery for such calendars is frequently somewhat lacking – if you’re over 15 years of age you probably don’t want a pop star calendar and, let’s be honest, views of forests and hills are more than a bit dull. That’s why personalised calendars make such fantastic gifts. By using your treasured photos to make a calendar you can give a gift which is actually useful, whilst still being something that the recipient will want to keep forever. Whether you opt for family snaps or photos which showcase your skill with the camera, the process of producing a personalised photo calendar really couldn’t be easier.

The first step is to upload your photos at Albelli Once you’ve done this you can select the photos you wish to use. It’s not just one photo per page, either. Use a photo as the entire background to the page, or select several photos for just the one page, the choice is yours and the key to the process is flexibility and giving you the options to create something which is precisely how you’d want it to be. It doesn’t end with the photos you use – you can choose between a variety of options for the style of the calendar; you may wish to create a year calendar, a birthday calendar or a larger landscape calendar. Using our award winning software, the process of designing your calendar is an enjoyable process rather than hard work, one in which you could involve the whole family, making the personalised calendar a gift from every one of you.

Once you’ve finalised your choice of pictures, layout and the other little touches we allow you to tweak – such as the date which each page starts on – then place your order and let us do the hard work of putting together a quality product. Printed on the finest paper and constructed to last, your personalised photo calendar will be useful for a year, and treasured for years to come.

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