When planning weddings in Ocean County NJ, one of the considerations that have to be made is how will the venue look in the wedding photos? You want somewhere that looks great as a backdrop behind you and your guests. You need a style of photographer that suits the style of the venue. You may also want both outdoor and indoor photo opportunities. Here are some ideas and what to consider when you are thinking about the venue and your wedding photos.

Find a photographer that has worked the venue before

First of all, it is a great idea if you can get a photographer who taken wedding photos there before and there knows the good spots. That way they will also know where the best light is to work with, where would be best for indoor and outdoor pictures, where the best background is for group shots. The venue is the first thing people tend to book so then look for a photographer that complements that style of wedding in Toms River, NJ.

Do they have the right equipment for the venue?

Make sure they have all the equipment needed to work your kind of wedding, and that type of venue. Some newer wedding photographers might not have built up the kind of useful equipment someone with more experience has. Look at venue photographs and see what ones you like and then find out who took them.

Get advice from the venue about where the best photos are taken

When considering venues for weddings in Ocean County NJ, each time you visit look at photoshoot opportunities. See if there are the kind of backgrounds you are hoping for and talk to the venue coordinator about where other weddings do the pictures. That does not mean you have to have them in the same spot if you see somewhere else on the grounds of the venue that you want to use, ask about it.

Commonly group shots are near the venue entrance or outside somewhere, but you might want to use an attractive fireplace if you want to! Sometimes it is fun to have some less traditional pictures of the day in more unusual locations. On an elegant staircase, on a balcony. Or you could have the photographer position themselves at more interesting angles, they could be the one shooting pictures from a balcony down onto the guests.

Have photos outdoors and indoors and prepare for bad weather

Hopefully, there is an area outdoors as well as indoors for photo opportunities. That is good not just for the sake of variety but also in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. If it rains more pictures can be taken indoors but that does not necessarily mean you have to completely rule out outdoor pictures. How about some shots of guests at your wedding in Toms River NJ under umbrellas, or outside but under canopies or entrances?


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