We are the voice of our children and we need to take personal responsibility to find all potential solutions for their best health and well-being. When we embark on this wonderful journey of parenthood, there are so many questions and unknowns — when our children get born with special needs, those questions and unknowns become even bigger in our minds. Often we get diagnosis and outcome predictions that can seem daunting and even very disheartening. I want to encourage all parents to find the strength to take full personal responsibility for finding solutions to keep their children healthy and happy. They truly are our future.

Our new ebook and online resource, For the Love of Our Children, was created to help get the information about alternative solutions into the hands of the parents who are actively searching for answers. It is also there to help raise funds to sponsor special needs children with products and services that we have found make profound life-changes.

I had two main goals with this first ebook. One, I wanted to share a bit of my personal journey with others, because I am a true believer that it is so important to share our stories. We often feel we are isolated or alone with our life challenges, only to find out that there are so many other people on very similar paths thinking the same thing. So by sharing some of my journey with my son and my personal belief system around this life path, I hope that other parents who may have been feeling alone and lost will feel more connected and know they can reach out for support.

The second goal was to share all of the solutions that I have found that have truly made a difference to my son’s health -- and actually the health of myself and my daughter too. Because these solutions are not just for children with special needs. They simply have an even more urgent need to make changes. However, to maintain our optimum health, all the recommendations that are in the ebook apply to everyone. It’s mainly common sense changes that aren’t always talked about elsewhere, or are so scattered in different places, it’s not easy to find them all.

It doesn’t matter what point of the journey you are currently on, know that you are not alone because there is someone else out there going through something very similar to what you are experiencing. So find people who you can talk to about your unique situation, share what you have discovered, ask questions, and most of all, rely on your intuition. When you allow yourself to open up to the possibilities out there, the possibilities are limitless. These are all the things that I would want someone to keep reminding me on this journey.

Author's Bio: 

Canadian best-selling author, radio show host, and iTV personality, Rose-Anne Turunen loves to inspire others to wake up to their innate abilities to heal and create the life of their dreams. An independent documentary producer, she often tackles controversial topics that she is passionate about and that she feels need mass awareness.

Her journey of healing began when she had her two children that led her on a path of discovery and learning that was unforeseen due to her son being born with a genetic condition. Rose-Anne eventually went beyond the traditional medical advice that didn’t provide workable solutions, only labels and dark outcomes for his future, to discover the powerful and life changing force of universal energy — in particular the powerful energy of love.

Rose-Anne is here to support the children of the world who need solutions beyond those that the traditional medical system can provide at this time. And she is also here to support the women and men who are mothers and fathers to these wonderful children, to assist them on a path to growth and personal power and responsibility.

Rose-Anne wants to remind everyone that they are powerful healers for the world. And together we can help our children rejoice in their unique journey during this lifetime.

Please visit http://www.FortheLoveofOurChildren.com/ebook.html for more information and to support children with special needs.