For weight loss you need to be burning off more calories than you consume, so you would think that you need to do exercise for weight loss. But this is not always the case.

Exercise is actually not always necessary for weight loss. It is possible to lose weight without any exercise at all. However, it will take much longer for weight loss and it's really not the healthiest option is not.

For someone who is a very sedentary lifestyle, it has not burning many calories and so easily taken by weight. In order to lose weight they must burn off the calories they eat. Without exercise, they would have to eat a very small amount every day to be able to lose any weight.

If you have zero appetite, then I am sure that this will have to do no problem, but more human appetite, particularly those who are overweight to begin with are. Eat very small amounts of food is very difficult and you will probably find that you are constantly hungry. They would deal only with this eating habit so long and will give up soon and begin to eat larger meals again. When you introduce exercise into your daily routine, because you are burning calories then you can enjoy food more.

Of course there is the other extreme, where you exercise like crazy and eat very little, so you are burning much more calories than you eat, but you are not doing themselves no favors by not using this approach. Everyone must have a minimum number of calories a day to it at 1100 calories diets. If you do not eat less than this, then you are starving yourself, which in general is not healthy.

If you are not getting any exercise at all then you might not be able to eat the recommended minimum of calories and still lose weight. With regular training you can take in more calories you burn to lose the excess weight. This is the best and most effective way to lose weight.

Because you are exercising does not mean that you relax completely with your diet and eat anything. You should not get out to take home every night, you should not eat heaps of ice cream and cake, and you should not drink more lemonade.

Exercising does not mean that you eat to get away with something, it is simply a tool to help you get healthy and lose weight. If you keep eating junk and fattening food then you will not lose weight, even with the exercise.

The best way to lose weight for a healthy lifestyle and that you also need to continue to live long term. If you crash diet or diets will usually stick with them for a while and, before you provide you have to eat again, as you were before and put the weight back on.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle with a good, nutritious diet and regular exercise, this is easier to maintain long term weight loss is the most effective way.

So while it is possible to lose weight without exercise is not recommended. If you are in an extreme situation where the exercise would not be possible, then it can not be an option, but even then there is usually a form of exercise, even if it is slightly smaller.

People who are confined to a wheelchair still practice their upper body and arms. Can you do weight training and keep your upper body in shape. There are very few situations where no movement is actually the only option.

Exercise has many health benefits, so do not think you do not need to lose weight if you stay healthy and your weight loss, then you should help to introduce movement into your routine for weight loss.

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