Drs. Michael Lederman, Maxwell J. Mehlman, and Stuart Youngner admitted forced vaccinations and punishing those who refuse “will seem draconian, even anti-American,” but 3 doctors or 3000 are not sufficient to overturn constitutional rights that grant no such powers to purveyors of vaccines even if proven safe which they are not, and there’s growing concern for bad science behind a rapid push for population control via vaccines.

Their statement included “don’t allow religious or personal objections.” Every Christian, Jew and Muslim should object to pork gelatin and fetal cells and mercury preservative that is used in vaccines as a huge health risk for adults and it’s proving a destiny of autism for more than 1 in 50 children (higher in boys) who are vaccinated.

The Science behind the Absence of Autism in the Amish Community that doesn’t vaccinate should be studied says an MIT researcher who predicted the incidence of autism will be 1 in 2 by 2025 if we don’t alter the course.

Other ways to boost immunity need to be considered, says Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH who was board-certified in Internal Medicine and taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. Ruhling offers several examples that are totally missed by mainstream media.

Enhancing Natural Immunity

#1. Flu season comes with the holidays and the indulgence in rich eating of cookies, cakes and candies. It’s a natural disaster for immunity when the phagocytic index (the ability to engulf germs) is cut 75% by six tsp of sugar and the average America gets 35 or more daily before the holidays come. Soft drinks are 12 or more.

#2. Fasting can help the immunity and this doesn’t mean starving. A good breakfast and early afternoon meal is great for weight loss as well as immunity—break fast in the morning!

#3. The white blood cells are stimulated by a hot shower followed by a short burst of cold which can double the white count as reserves released from spleen and bone marrow. No wonder the Scandinavians who dive in a snow bank after a sauna don’t get the bug easily.

#4. Bloomberg News cited authorities in Italy that 99% of those who died with coronavirus had pre-existing conditions (and were taking prescription drugs, already a leading cause of death) http://LeadingCauseOfDeathPrescriptionDrugs.com Even something as simple as aspirin or Tylenol can lower fever and make one feel better, but it reduces the body’s mechanism to kill the virus.

Ruhling was working an emergency room when he was catching the flu, but the above four measures enabled him to beat the bug overnight—he credits the fever treatment with a hot tub bath to 102.5 and a cold pour afterwards—it can double the white blood count. Doing it twice, he was well in the morning.

None of these seem of interest to the medical community that want a shot to treat you, but people who get the flu shot are a higher risk for getting the flu, Alzheimers and other chronic conditions.

A high-ranking leader in the Catholic Church appealed to everyone of good will to unite against powers that are creating panic over Covid-19 in order to restrict freedoms that is likely to lead to a world government beyond control. The letter criticized the unnecessary closure of businesses that damaged entire economies, the isolation of people as a form of social engineering, profit-motivated vaccines instead of effective remedies, vaccines made with material from aborted fetuses, “experts” who are immune from prosecution, censorship on social media, in the press, and on television, and lack of debate in the media about other ideas and options. The letter demanded that citizens be given the opportunity to refuse restrictions on personal freedom without any penalty being imposed on those who do not wish to use vaccines, contact tracking or any similar tool. The petition has received over 55,000 signatures, including priests, journalists, doctors, lawyers and teachers. The Pope did not sign the appeal.

Every American should appreciate Robt. F Kennedy and team who won in court against CDC and big pharma because they could not produce any evidence of vaccine safety, https://youtu.be/Ka5wWJwIJ10 To allow that situation to exist is damnable when companies make profits at the expense of autism, cancer and other diseases, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpYW2A2_8A4

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physician, was board-certified in Internal Medicine and taught Health Science at Loma Linda University.