There are only two reasons as to why anybody would want to force themselves to throw up. One is food poisoning where in one feels that they have eaten something wrong or poisonous food and you wish to throw up to avoid it harming your body. Other very common reason lately is forcing you to throw up to lose weight. If you are doing it for the latter reason, then immediately stop. Throwing up to lose weight is a very wrong thing to do and it will do more harm to your body than good. Even If you do this for good intentions, it is going to hurt you. Here are some of the tips on how to induce vomiting for the people who belong to food poisoning reason:-

A good and probably the best way to making yourself throw up is to use your hands. You can do this by slowly tickling the back of your throat with your fingers in order to induce the throwing up. One more way of causing yourself to puke is if you make use of the Ipecac syrup. This drug should be used by individuals who believe they have swallowed something poisonous or toxic which can harm their body. You can use this syrup during such situations to induce vomiting. This syrup will make your gastric muscles to flex and you will immediately throw up.

Emetics are a kind of medication which can effectively make one throw up and it is very safe too. Emetics will affect your digestive tract and immediately make you puke. Another natural strategy which people use to make themselves throw up is by over excessively drinking water and doing heavy exercises which the body is not able to accept given the stomach condition at that point of time. The body will reject this and make you vomit instantly.

Some other techniques to throwing up include drinking excessive salt water which causes your body to have a very unnatural feeling. Your body won’t be able to accept so much salt water and will make you throw up instantly. Some people even eat complete blacked toast which causes your body to feel unnatural too thus making you vomit.

If you have taken some unwanted substance in your body like poison or toxic by mistake, use any of the techniques listed above to forcefully making yourself throw up. You need to use this technique instantly you consume that unwanted substance otherwise once the stomach begins to break down those substances, it will start harming your body. So you need to be fast in throwing up much before the stomach decides to break them down.

Sometimes forced vomiting can help make a sick person feel better because if something is wrong in your stomach, that kind of ugly feeling can go on and on for hours and a forced vomit of those substances could immediately starts making one feel much better. Just relax and take some rest after this activity and you will feel much better.

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