Appreciate where you are in this moment, because in a blink of an eye, a new moment is upon you. Some will move up in life while others will slide down. Others will move laterally while some will try hard just to hold steady. All you can do is be grateful, with each and every breath you take, be grateful. You don’t have to have much, just be grateful. Appreciate the people you see today, the people you see no more, just be grateful to have known them.
For every bad experience you have had, replace it with a pleasant memory, and be grateful. If you are afraid to love again, dig deep in your heart, and remember that feeling, and be grateful. Remember what it felt like? Remember how happy you were? Be grateful for that feeling, just know that you can feel that feeling again and you deserve to feel that way again! But first you have to be grateful that you have known what it ever felt like to feel love.
For all I have, for all I have not, I am forever grateful. For all the hurt and all the pain, I am grateful. For all the lessons learned and for all who have taught, I am forever grateful. To all who have snickered, sneered, smirked, or winced, I am forever grateful. To all who have loved me dear, I am forever grateful.
When I have been cold I have been grateful, when I have warmth I am forever grateful. To know and be among amazing people makes me feel amazing, and I am grateful. To give and receive hope makes me feel so overjoyed and blessed, and I am so grateful. To know that one soul touches another so simply is amazing, and leaves me feeling so grateful.
It is not what you do, say, wear, or act that makes you who you are, those things can be changed. Those things can be bought and sold on a dime to impress those eyes who need to see it. It is the soul, the soul in the nakedness of this vast world who see the injustices and feels the pain and the cries of those inflicted. You cannot change a soul. And even those who are inflicted are grateful if not now, but later in life as it shapes who they become.
The gratefulness comes from humility, humbleness, strength, endurance, faith, inner strength, love, compassion, prayer, and hard work, while overcoming lies, jealousy, deceit, injustices, and brutalities, among other things.
Gratefulness is not how much money you have to donate to a cause, which is not an instant door opener to the pearly gates, but how you treat people. It is how you make people feel and how you teach them to appreciate.

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My name is Tami Principe. I wanted to help other people so I created my website, ( In short, I am a Motivational Speaker, Author, Blogger, Radio Talk Show Host, and a Breast Cancer Survivor. I believe that our struggles are temporary, and important lessons can be learned from them. I developed my website to offer hope and encouragement to others. I am the author of 4 books, “Walk In Peace,” “My Soulful Journey,” “The Wishing Well,” and “The Green Rabbit.”

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