If you have any interest to study forex trading from the very basic to the advance level, the best alternative is taling a good forex trading course. There are various offer at the internet about learning forex trading, but don't be rushed when taking your pick. After all, wasting time by studying methods that doesn't works or a course that only has abstract idea without real to-do-list are will make you lose motivation quickly.

When you choose a forex trading course, make sure it has these features:

1. Teach the Basics

It's impossible to start from advanced level. If your course suddenly talks about Elliot Wave or hedging method, just throw it away. Your course ought to teach you the way to develop your trading skills from scratch and educates you on various components of fundamental forex trading like charting, indicator, leverage, trading account, forex broker, etc.

Undoubtedly, the best way to learn is by actually do it yourself. Find a course that provide a guide to open a practice account in an online forex broker and learn how to use a trading platform. From there, you can continue your learning to charting, open a position, place take profit order, using indicator, etc.

2. Have a Good Trading System

A good forex trading course won’t teach you to charge the market without proper analysis. There are many forms of analysis and strategies in forex trading and every one of them is useful in a particular situation. Applying these strategies and analysis correctly is the key to successful trading system.

A good trading system should has detailed strategies based on certain analysis to identify the best entry and exit prices. This system must have tested against historical market data and present market movement to show its effectiveness.

3. Teach Risk Management Strategy

Even with a good trading system, it always possible that the market will move against your prediction. In your lessons, you should be taught about solving this problem by applying various risk management methods. There are many forms of risk management methods, but at the very least it should teach you how to place stop loss and take profit order. Applying these methods will reduce the risks from emotion factor; something that have caused many traders fall.

4. Giving Examples or Proof

An excellent forex trading course won’t merely teach empty theories that is not applicable inside the real market. It should show some proof or give video examples on how the system being executed and gain profits. It is even better if the system have some positive testimonials from people who actually used it.

5. Offering Money back Guarantee

A great course must be confident enough that its system and learning material can guide you to become a better trader. This confidence can be shown as 100% money back guarantee. If you have learnt it for some time and think that it is useless, just ask for your money back guarantee.

Getting a great forex trading course is the first step to be a successful trader who know exactly how to analyze the market and get profits from it. In the future, you can always include different forex software to your trading system and evolve it further.

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