As a beginner, you need to understand the key concepts of currency trading that will guide you in making decisions.

Forex is a short form for foreign exchange. It involves the trading of currencies in foreign exchange markets. This market operates throughout, twenty fours a day even on holidays.

Exchange markets include banks and brokerage firms which have systems to monitor and convert different.

Another term that you will encounter in forex trading is PIP. This is defined as a standard unit used to measure the change between currencies. For instance if the buying price is 1.5678 then it shoots up to 1.5679, you say that the dollar has increased by 1PIP.

You need a forex trading strategy in your trading plan. As a trader, you will be constantly selling or buying currencies, you therefore need a trading strategy to guide you. Whatever forex trading strategy you decide on, you need to sharpen your analytic skills so as to make the right interpretations and decisions.

Forex trading beginners often struggle with the idea of trading currencies in pairs. Currency pairs help you in doing comparisons. You will be able to tell how well a currency is doing by comparing it with another currency.
Forex pricing is another key concept in the trading. There two types of prices, the bidding and the asking price. Bidding price is the selling price while the asking is the buying price.
Leverage is being able to increase your buying power in the market. This tool helps forex trading beginners venture into the market even if they have low amounts of startup capital

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