Have you noticed that when one thinks about ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, strange thoughts sneak in like:
“Oh goody, look what I can fail at this year!”
“Fat chance I’m telling anyone this resolution just so they can watch me break it!”
“I’m the queen of procrastination… I’ll get to it tomorrow.”

The term ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ is tarnished by becoming a synonym for failure, disappointment, self sabotage and lack of willpower. Why would we put ourselves through that?

Yet, the concept was once well intended. There’s great wisdom in looking into the future and taking steps towards achieving your goals. But forget the old way of thinking, choosing, planning and doing those steps.

What if instead of focussing on 'fixing your weaknesses', you focused on your passions?
What if instead of focussing on all the 'hard work', you focussed on the rewards you've promised yourself?


Scenario 1
Tradition resolution: You want to get in shape and the reward you've promised yourself is that you will take up mountain climbing.
You've heard all the advice about how to get in shape, so you join a gym. As it turns out, you really don't like going to the gym, but you pay the fees, show up twice, and then beat yourself up daily for not showing up again. And that part of you yearning to climb mountains sadly gets lost in the loop tape in your head saying 'I'm not good enough."

Scenario 2:
The new way: You have a passion to become a mountain climber. You know you need to learn the techniques and build your strength to become a mountain climber. You start immediately by going to a climbing wall facility. Because you love it, you show up regularly. You are getting in shape and it doesn't feel like a chore. You are further feeding your passions by networking with those who can teach and inspire you. Soon you find yourself walking very quickly to get to the climbing wall –building your strength even more.

One day you realize you are drinking less coffee, more water, eating well, getting exercise, and not complaining, simply as a side effect of moving forward doing what you love.

Now isn't that a lot more fun than Scenario 1?

It's a new year. What do you want to look back on and say, "I did it!! I'm doing what I love!!!"? Give that your focus. This is what will keep you empowered, enthused and motivated. Leap right in or take baby steps – both ways work. And forget traditional resolutions, unless it is to say, "I'm focussing on what I love!"

Author's Bio: 

Janet L. Whitehead is a certified life coach and creativity consultant operating Musings and Mud Coaching Studio which encompasses coaching and creative thinking. Janet's expertise is in the 'whole brain' approach. She understands that we are all powerful beings - and we can access our unlimited potential by being open to using our right side of the brain and helping the left side to support us.
It is through her art and written works that Janet gets many of her answers... but her real talent lies in helping others best access their potential whether it be through creative thinking, insightful conversations, arts, visualization,writing,and inspired actions. Janet's own intuitive abilities help others to discover their intuitive gifts. "Magical" is a term often used to describe the coaching process.