Most of the leading recruiter monitors the dress code opted by the candidate when they are entering for the interview. As we know interview dress code greatly varies depending upon the location, industry, and company. Hence, the formal dress code is essential while appearing for any corporate interviews for a middle/senior level post in industries such as banking and financial services, telecom, etc. The key reason for preferring formal dress code is, this type of dress code reflects the candidate’s strong leadership quality and also portrays the candidate’s seriousness towards the interviewer and the company.

If you are wondering what to wear on your corporate interview day, then, relax by knowing about the ideal dress code for females, when going for an interview, from the best employment agency.

Unlike males, females have a huge range of options to take up as a formal dress code. Some of the most generally accepted professional interview dress code for females are:

Formal Wear:

Pantsuit: A pantsuit in dark or pastel color with a light colored shirt can give a classy interview dressing.

Shirt/Top: Full/half sleeved shirt or a top along with a knee-length pencil skirt is suitable as a professional dress code. Try to select pastel or light shaded shirt/top with minimal print.

Formal dress: A well-fitted, knee-length dress in straight style is always a good option for female candidates.

Traditional wear:

This type of dress code is most popular in South Asian countries such as India.

Traditional Indian suit: A well-fitted traditional Indian suit is always considered as a good option for female candidates. Although, wearing a tight-fitted suit with glitter, lace, or animal print is always advised to be avoided.

Saree: Choosing a simple cotton saree in solid or pastel colors gives the best formal look.


Shoes: Formal ladies shoes with somewhat low-heel look impressive. You can go for colors like black, tan, beige, blue, dusky pink, etc.

Pumps: Pumps also look impressive with almost all types of outfits. These types of footwear are versatile and always stay in fashion. Ensure to choose a comfortable heel or it is better to go for flats.


Handbag: Carrying a smart or basic handbag will be best to keep your documents. It is best if you go with neutral shade or basics color like black, tan, and blue.

Hair and makeup:

Minimal make-up: A light hint of blush, natural-colored lip gloss, and mascara are generally enough when you are going for an interview. You may also add up a bit of kohl and eyeliner if you wish.

Nail paint: It is best if you apply neutral color nail paint.

Hairstyle: Keep your hair styled in a basic manner. Usually, a low or high ponytail looks good with suits and skirts. You can also choose for a well-combed straight hair look. One more formal hairstyle that goes well with most outfits is a low and polished bun.

Some of the main points to remember for interview dressing by females are:

Make sure your outfit is neat, clean, and well-pressed.
Avoid wearing sleeveless shirts and suits as it imparts causal look.
Wear a mild deodorant or perfume.
Make sure your hair is fresh and clean.
Avoid hair accessories that are flashy or shiny.
Keep your nails clean and well-shaped and avoid very long nails.
Avoid gaudy bracelets and dangling earrings. It may spoil the formal look.
Avoid wearing stilettos for an interview; reserve them for parties.
Avoid carrying huge handbags. Opt for a subtle colored and medium-sized handbag. You can even go for a briefcase or small laptop bag instead.
So, to know more about the corporate interview dress code or any other interview tips list yourself with an employment agency list or recruiter directory and get more knowledge from the leading employment agency.

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