Last week in the morning I went out for coffee I saw a lost dog on the other side on the road. By the time I tried to reach towards him/her, that dog run away. So, this could happen to you as well. If you are lucky you can get hold of him and you can also find the rightful owner of that pet.

I will give you some important tips that you should definitely follow So, let’s get started:

Share it on social platforms:

Social media is creating a great impact on our life. In 2017 people spent 135 minutes in a day on the social platform. So, think about 2018 it has definitely gone up. If you have that pet on your possession take a picture of that pet and post it on the social media. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Create a banner:
Create a banner to and hang it on the neighborhood on that area you found the pet. People can easily see the banner and can contact you easily.

Scan for microchipped:

Take that pet to the local veterinary shop to scan that pet is microchipped or not. If that cat or dog is microchipped you can easily contact the owner.

Check the collar tag:

Sometimes you can find the collar tag on the pet. open it up you maybe can find the address or phone number or the name of that pet. if you can find the phone number or address that means you have found the rightful owner of that pet.

Contact Local Animal Control:
Search in the google to look for local animal control agency that if someone reports a lost pet. if they didn’t report anything you can report found pet. They will contact you if they have found the owner of that missing cat.
Notify Veterinary clinics:

Also, notify your local Veterinary clinics if they have any information regarding that pet you found. They can also help you to check if that pet is microchipped or not.

Report it on is one of the largest databases of lost and found pet. you can also report it on this website to get more attention from the visitor. You can also send an alert to your local area. If you not good at making banner PawMaw can also help to create make an amazing banner. And you can also promote you post to reach 1000s neighbor in second.

So, now you know what you should do if you have found a pet. I hope that that helps you out.

Author's Bio: 

Hello, my name is Ariana. I love traveling the world. And I love pets. Last time I lost my pet helped me a lot a lot. So, feel free to check it out if you have lost or found any pet.