If you think that by replacing the flat tire or upgrading the coolant, or changing the oil of your car, you can perform all types of repairs in your car, then you are mistaken. Because the mechanism of the car is not stagnated to only these components but there are lots of major components that should be rectified only by an experienced technician in case of any issue. Anyhow, if you try your hands on rectifying these issues without proper knowledge and experience it will not only damage your vehicle but will also put an extra burden on your pocket.
The four major issues or repairs which should be accomplished by an experienced technician are mentioned below:
1. Seized Engine: The main reason behind the seized engine is the absence of necessary oil, therefore it is always recommended to get the engine oil replaced at regular intervals. But, sometimes due to lack of knowledge or lack of time car owners could not get the oil of their car replaced on time, which at the end of the day seizes the engine. To get the engine back into the working condition it needs to be rebuilt or modified, which requires huge time and money. Going through this reason it is better to get it repaired by an advanced and skilled technician having the vast knowledge of repairing the engine.
2. Blown Head Gasket: This problem happens when there is a leakage of anti-freeze from the tailpipe of your car. To repair the damaged head gasket there is a need for disassembling some of the important components of your car, which if done without the proper knowledge could damage the entire system. To protect the head gasket from further damage it is better to leave your car with a skilled car repair center.
3. Overheating: There are lots of reasons due to which your car overheats, and ignoring the problem can result in a severe problem, and therefore rectifying the main reason at your end could be risky and expensive. On the other side, a skilled technician will rectify the issue immediately and rectify it accordingly.
4. Failed Transmission and Worn Clutch: Problems in the transmission and clutch system are also not the issues that could be rectified by a layman, except an experienced and advanced technician. The main reason is that nowadays car manufacturers are offering their upcoming with different modes of the transmission system, which need to be installed, repaired, and replaced only by a knowledgeable person. Similarly, a worn clutch system, if not repaired or replaced on time not only damages your vehicle but, if repaired improperly without proper knowledge can result in an accident. For this, it is better to visit the renowned clutch & gearbox repairs Birmingham and get the issue rectified by its technician.

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In short, it can be said that detecting and rectifying the mechanical issue in your car is a tricky task, and trying your hands on it could an expensive burden on your pocket. The best possible way is to visit the service garage near you and checked it by its experts.