A Blocked fallopian tube is a gynecological disease with a relatively high incidence rate in clinical medicine. This disease brings grave harm to women and affects the happy life of the whole family.

Therefore, once the diagnosis is confirmed, active treatment is needed. Fuyan Pill, a herbal medicine produced by Dr. Lee's TCM Clinic, can cure the blocked fallopian tubes caused by inflammation and some gynecological diseases, like PID. If large amounts of scar tissue block your fallopian tubes, treatment to remove the blockages may not be possible. Surgery to repair tubes damaged by ectopic pregnancy may be an option.

But many women don't have a comprehensive understanding of the causes and harms of blocked fallopian tubes, so they will ignore it in their daily life and brew bitter fruit over time. So, next, we will introduce the causes and specific hazards:

These reasons may cause a blocked fallopian tube. Women who want to have babies should pay attention to:

1. Inflammation

Some inflammation can also cause blocked fallopian tubes, such as chronic pelvic inflammation, endometritis, or uterine fibroids. And patients will have apparent tingling feeling, and they are often prone to ectopic pregnancy.
At the same time, it will cause menstrual abnormalities, such as dark menstrual blood color or blood clots. Therefore, if you with gynecological inflammation can not be pregnant for a long time, it is necessary to go to the hospital for the relevant examination.

2.Deficiency of body

Women's weak constitution will also lead to the blocked fallopian tubes, especially with deficiency of Qi and blood. Their peristalsis ability is generally low, which leads to the accumulation of some substances on the tube, hinders the delivery of eggs from the ovary, and dramatically reduces the pregnancy rate of women. Therefore, at ordinary times, females should eat more food to nourish Qi and blood, spleen and kidney.

3. Unclean life

Daily unclean life can also cause a blocked fallopian tube. For example, menstrual blood or bacteria transmitted through unclean sexual experience can also cause blockage during menstruation. Therefore, we should do a good job of cleaning no matter during menstruation or sexual life, which helps prevent blocked fallopian tubes.

4. Frequent abortion

Frequent abortion is also an important cause. Especially in the process of induced abortion, the improper operation can easily lead to a vaginal infection, and then spread to the fallopian tube, resulting in a blocked fallopian tube. For this reason, females should take contraceptive measures when they don't want a baby.

The harm of blocked fallopian tube is severe for women, especially the last point:

1. Dysmenorrhea

A blocked fallopian tube can cause dysmenorrhea. Most of the blockage is caused by long-term chronic inflammation, which will cause pelvic congestion and blood stasis dysmenorrhea. Most of these women's dysmenorrhea occurred in the week before menstruation. The closer you get to menstrual dysmenorrhea, the more visible and more serious it is.

2. Irregular menstruation

Most women will also have symptoms of irregular menstruation. Because the fallopian tubes and ovaries are "neighbors", when the inflammation of fallopian tubes affects the ovaries, it will cause different degrees of damage to the ovaries, resulting in abnormal menstruation, which is manifested in prolong and heavy menstruation.

3. Infertility

Infertility is the most severe and direct harm. After suffering from this disease, the egg cannot meet the sperm in time, and it is impossible to form a fertilized egg to return to the uterus, so it is difficult to conceive. Therefore, it is necessary to treat it in time.

In a word, there are mainly several reasons for blocked fallopian tubes in daily life. I hope that women can have a comprehensive understanding of the disease and take more precautions to reduce harm.

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