Every one of us uses computers to store vital and sensitive information in form of documents, folders, images, video etc and no one can afford to lose any of these data. Loss of data from desktops and laptops has become the most dreaded situation for any computer user. In this situation it is imperative to know about how you can secure your PC running on the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 8. Password protected login and on board antivirus protection are something that have been offered by Microsoft quiet earlier. This time users are expecting some more advanced security features from Windows 8 OS.

Lets us now check out some of the features accommodated in Win 8 that can help the user in securing their PCs.

Windows 8 security features

Secured Boot UP

Securing the booting system of a PC is not always the first thing to do to fortify its security but yet it is one of the most important parts of PC security. Viruses or malware could use the vulnerabilities on this part to sneak into your system and cause immense damage. Considering this huge security flaw, Microsoft has implemented advanced booting system in Windows 8 to ensure that everything that is to be loaded bears the certification of permission. In other words one cannot boot the system without prior permission.

Factory reset and refresh

If things go wrong and you wish to start the whole thing afresh then Windows 8 offers you two way of doing this – Refresh and Factory Reset. Refresh is the option that reinstalls the operating system by keeping your entire data, settings and installed apps safe. It also helps you by reinstalling the application that provides you a list of removed apps to allow you to go back to a working state.

Factory reset is another feature that can help you restore the operating system to the point when it was used for the first time. Apart from removing malware, the factory reset also removes all applications, personal data and settings. As it wipes out the entire thing so you need to be very careful before using this feature. Factory reset is one of the most effective ways of securing the Windows 8 operating system, if your system has got infected with viruses, malware or other threats.

Use passwords or gestures to secure Windows 8

There is nothing new about using the log-in password as Windows has been providing this feature for long. Use of gestures for protecting your system is off course new and exciting. Windows 8 offers you to protect your PC by using gestures. You can secure your PC or laptop by using a gesture drawn through your mouse or finger that is way more secure than using a password. At times people fail to choose a strong password but the same does not happen in case of gesture as the number of its permutations cannot be deciphered easily. You are advised not to create gestures in the presence of anybody else as it may be copied.

Windows Defender

If you are using Microsoft Windows then you must have heard about Windows Defender. Windows Defender is an anti-malware client that is offered by Microsoft. It has been further updated and improved in Windows 8 to protect your system against viruses, malware and spyware. It detects the threat real-time and prevents them from harming your PC. By using Windows Defender you can also scan your computer and other associated devices to leverage the security at an improved level.

The above mentioned security features of Windows 8 seem to be appropriate means to mitigate the ever-increasing threats to our system. The incorporation of these features speaks volume about the upcoming operating system for which people are excited all around the world and eagerly looking for a platform with enhanced security.

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