A time when men who spent too much time in the bathroom were met with suspicion and a level of scorn has already gone. Thank God, now men are obliged to take proper care of their overall look, starting with the hair maintenance and ending with the type of shoes they wear. Sometimes the full range of products on the market can lead men to a mess. For this reason, barbers are happy to present you easy grooming habits every man should follow.

Tip #1 Facial Fuzz
If you want to be taken seriously, you should tame and maintain your facial hair of any length. In fact, you don’t need to spend much time on beard trimming, just make a habit of weekly tidying it up. If you want to know how far you should go, the answer is: more David Gandy, less Bebe from Eastenders.

Tip #2 Shaving
If the beard is not for you, you should not neglect your razor. In the morning, you probably don’t have time for a great wet shave, so it is essential to know the basics of the excellent shave. First, prepare your skin by applying shave oil. Second, while shaving, soak the blade into warm water to provoke the pores expanding. Third, if it is too hard for you, go for a professional shave once a week at your favorite barbershop.

Tip #3 Hairstyle
Visit your barber to get haircut suitable for your face shape and complexion. Choosing the style, take into account your lifestyle. Because if you don’t have time to style it in the morning, there is no need to go for a long fringe haircut. Don’t think that getting proper style is enough and you can relax; now you have to maintain it properly.

Tip #4 Fingernails
Think that no one but you notice your long dirty nails? Unfortunately, it is not so. You shake hands, pay at the shop, fill the form at the bank - everywhere your hands are in sight. No one demands from you to do perfect manicure by yourself. It’s 21st century, dude! Go to the nearest hair salon and get it done by professionals!
Follow these simple tips and stay groomed!

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